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Thread: Best calling with no HK gear?

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    Thanks for all the feedback. Truth be told, I pvp healed all the way to 50 on my cleric and blew stuff up to 50 on my mage. Frankly, the former had more impact on wf outcomes but the latter was just more fun.

    Since I will undoubtedly feel guilty pew-pewing on the cleric, even if my teammates don't vocally give me a hard time about not healing, I guess it will be the mage who gets the love. ChloroDom/spirit rez to rank 40, yes?

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    Clerics, or 2nd best without HK gear in my opinion is rogue.
    i have alts for both. Both are fully T1 raid geared.

    Cleric #1 mostly because of flexibility with roles it can do well without max gear.
    Rogue for the same reason, but also pulls impressive dps, hitting crit cap WELL before being T1 raid geared.
    i was at well past my warriors dps @ the same gear level... 1200 ish in only dungeon gear as MM, and 1600+ in T1 gear, and often ~1800 - 2000 now that i have T1 relic on her.

    So yay, those two get my vote. Working on my 3rd mage atm, technically my 3rd alt. Seems it can do well also, but a bit more reliant on high end gear i thinks.

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