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Thread: wtb WF start as norm vs exception

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    Default wtb WF start as norm vs exception

    Probably just my bad luck, but over the last week I feel like nearly every WF I joined had already started. The team I joined (merc or not) could've been winning or losing, but I feel like it shorts the whole experience either way. It's obviously better to join a close or winning match vs. a match where the team you join is getting beaten like a circus monkey.

    The one exception to this was when scion was the daily. I finally convinced myself to join the queue (probably one too many beers), got the pop, watched the count-down for about 30 seconds, then decided i should suck it up and jumped in. I was with my guardians and down 300-something to 100-something -- I was mentally prepared to suck up the next 20-30 minutes of wasted time. I jump on the trusty turtle, hopped down from the entry and headed out to find someone to waterjet to death. I got about 10m and we won with boss kill! TYVM! Scion done....daily done. Best outcome I could've hoped for.

    Why even do scion? daily = coin = buying consumables = better healing. I don't pve and people don't loot all the damn corpses in WFs for the decent coin. Finish the job people -- kill, then collect during downtime! I can't be the only loot monkey.


    I'd be happy to wait the extra minute or two to start a WF with a locked number of peeps, instead of a 5-10 sec pop into one already started. It can't take that much longer to get 5-15 people and then start it.

    I'd like to start the match with the team setup the way it will be, so I have an idea what to expect. I like to take a look at the other team, take a guess at the outcome and go at it.

    Since I mainly pug, this may be the reason I'm usually a late joiner. However, when I am grouped with others (any size), this also happens at times.

    Is it a bad thing if it's only 5v5 in BG or 8v8 in WF or 12v12 in dex, etc? Just start it and let it roll with the starting size. People will still drop for whatever reason, but replacing 1 person is different than adding 8 after it's 5 minutes into the match.

    So, just me or does it seem to be happening more frequently for everyone? Maybe people like jumping in half through the match. I dunno.

    Small breaks between WFs also give an opportunity to take a sip of a beer that keeps getting warmer.

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    more options are needed for those of us that don't have adhd

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