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Thread: PvP changes that need to be implemented

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    Default PvP changes that need to be implemented

    PVP server changes:

    Change rule set to open world PvP and scrap faction based PvP rules on PvP server.

    Allow guilds to control points of interest (could be mines, etc whatever.) on a map that have 3 hour windows of opportunity daily. Once captured, winning guild in rewarded with plat, items, raw materials etc over the 24 hour duration they hold the location until the next window opportunity is open allowing all guilds on map a chance to fight for it all over again. There should be different points of interest scattered throughout the world. Window of Op time should be set by guild that captured it prior.

    Allow guilds to capture and control small hamlets throughout the world. Hamlets should allow guild to have vendors to sell craftable goods to all players in world. Hamlets could act as small cities which other guilds can win by way of siege.

    Allow guilds to "SUB" other guilds under them to form an alliance.

    Allow the killed players loot inventory to drop when killed and be lootable for others

    Have bank/vaults scattered throughout the open world zones.

    These few changes will do a few things:

    1. Create fun and meaning to PvP on PvP servers for the PvP subscribers. (Be honest, is there meaning to it now?)

    2. Create a political system

    3. Spark open world PvP as it is totally dead right now (outside daily zone, and even some days this area is dead too)

    4. Capture the marketshare of PvP players that want more PvP content. Telling someone to go play XYZ game instead of implementing changes is like a store refusing to sell a customer what they want and direct them to go someone where else to buy it - that is just bad business.

    5. Allowing the player's inventory (not equipped items) to drop onto grave and be lootable:

    1. More incentive for PvP.
    2. Makes players aware that they must go to the bank every so often thus creating yet another opportunity for PvP.

    Ask yourself now, is there any real reason to PvP now in this game? is there a real incentive in it's current state?

    The changes listed above should be made ONLY to PvP servers. If players do not like these rule sets you can offer them the PVE server ruleset. Again, you appease both sides.

    These may not be the best changes and perhaps can even be improved upon. But this would be a big step in the right direction for the players that want more PvP content. There are many subscribers that simply do not raid, do rifts etc. The answer for them is to give subscribers what they want. This gives you more marketshare, telling them to go play a different game means less marketshare.

    To those of you that cry out, then there are zergs, what about my precious loot and where are the buttrefly's:

    You have a very warped view of open world PvP. The comment about camping daily / crafter etc, confirms this. There will always be a few griefers in this type of system. But in general, it's never as bad as I heard on these forums (currently in Mortal Online it isn't like this as well). MMO's with an open world FFA, have politics. Many guilds/players will never attack naked newbies, or even players that they aren't in a guild they are at war with. While yes, there are a few guilds or players that kill anything that moves. It's not the rule, its the exception. In mortal online I have put in about 80 playing hours, been killed twice and lost stuff that took me 5 minutes to get.. Is it really a big deal? Absolutely not. You think about OMG I can lose the mats I just farmed when I get killed and will have wasted 15 minutes of my life.. Here's the kicker - you can do the SAME exact thing to him and recover your stuff or go out their and PK farmers, its all equal and fair.

    Mortal online is a FULL LOOT system - equipped items are on grave as well. I am not proposing that change in Rift. I propose a half loot system, whereas inventory is lost only. Anything equipped is never lost.

    Why WF are a FAIL:

    WF's are another scripted, boring instance of what real PvP games consist of. Besides after the 20th time they actually start to get VERY boring (which is why you see all these threads calling for more new WF) WF's is not a way to promote long term growth in PvP or fun. Players will always want another map with another thing to do because the prior one got boring. Whereas in a open world FFA that is guild oriented with player created cities, boredom NEVER sets in. There is always something going on, and you will rarely see the same thing twice (unlike PvP in this game) . In the system I suggest, you would have guilds with all sorts of political systems. Some will be VERY ANTI RPK and try to protect the citizens outside of a few safehold cities and of course there own populated player created city. You have crafting guilds that mine, or have butchers, or weaponsmiths etc etc. You'll have guilds that are mercs and can be hired to fight for others, you'll have Empire guilds that just want to try to dominate the map with as many cities as they can make. All sorts of things are created in a system such as this.

    It isn't as cut and dry as an NPC said you were my enemy and I'm a defiant there for we have pvp and I kill you.. Thats just boring with no purpose or meaning AKA lame and watered down with no VALUE.


    Far and few to even be mentioned. Rarely happens (IE a 5 v 2 is not getting zerged FYI) How do I know? Because I have been playing in these sorts of systems for YRS.. 13+ matter fact (I'm an adult like yourself)

    Bottom line:

    This game needs to move away from instanced based PvP and open the mapset up with a FFA rules set, player made cities that are siegeable and all of the other suggestions I have added.. Crazy thing is I have a ton of other things I could add to that list as well, but lets just see what Trion does before I type myself to death.

    Official thread is in my link.
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