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Thread: Storm Caller

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firebl@de View Post
    ^ ^ ^

    SC was one of my fav souls (behind 51lock)..and ive tried so many times to make it work, so many combos. Can I kill with it? You bet. But IMO it is not worth doing. Even the burst of 3*electrified and lightfield is not worth it now (let alone waiting 2.5 secs for a "OMG this is so OP" 2.2k light burst (kinda what my inferno hits like)).

    What a great soul that became so useless.

    Bottomline: Stick to Pyro combos for DPS.

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    That's the problem now, isn't it..

    Everyone HAS to use some mix of Pyro to 'feel worthwhile' in your class...

    There has to be some way to tune up other soultrees to make them also more 'contributory' to raids and PvP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daanika View Post
    I'v been experementing with SC /Lock combos, the more I do the less I like SC(but Im looking for what you mention about opportunity), hence my point. SC sucks, for aoe I prefer Pyro(no cd or cast time), for pvp dominator/lock, etc. etc, point is how weak the class is. whats described as the most dangerous (BATTLE MAGE), has been reduced to some intricate mechanical POS that neither performs in pvp or dungeon / raid settings ( by the time you stack Hypo/electi/Iceshard, all other dps has beat you, making you look pathetic, or your already dead). To be usefull in One or two locations/ encounters on a whole map is just admitting how bad it is. And as a rank 25 (not 40), the reality of its lacking is really in your face in pvp , which only adds to my issue because no one want a dps Storm caller in their raid either.

    Sadly, Its the only class I want to play most, its not dark or evil, its not just support or healing, but supposed to be pure dps using the elements. It sadly falls far short of its calling, beat out by support class's , melee class, and other mage soul trees. I think it needs something put back to bring it at least up to par.
    Pay no attention to the haters. SC Pyro is the highest AoE damage
    a Mage can put out. Whether that means anything in 1.7's current balance is to debate.

    In wPvP, put on 3 charges and just spam lightning field over and over utilizing sparks GCD reduction is the way to go. Do NOT spec into charged field if you spec pyro sc, because you want to be spamming instas and want people to not lose the electrified charges.
    My video in my sig shows some sc pyro...

    With that said, unless 10 people are crammed together in a circle (I.e. world pvp) sc pyro cant rack up it's damage, in that scenario it's beastly. In most instances of wfs, this doesn't happen and it's very squishy... I rarely touch the class in wfs or 1v1 pvp other classes are so much better burst/survivability wise
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    Quote Originally Posted by Seether View Post
    First of all I think your build is bad if you are going for a SC build. Secondly, even when SC were at their "overpowered" state they were still extremely frail and required healing support.
    Dude a full storm Caller was really good in pvp there is no way it sucked when u have full soul tree and yah its stupid that the healer can out heal a mage in any game

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    Quote Originally Posted by YuriDragonove View Post
    Dude a full storm Caller was really good in pvp there is no way it sucked when u have full soul tree and yah its stupid that the healer can out heal a mage in any game
    Reading comprehension please. I never said it sucked at all times, I said it does now. In fact my favorite DPS spec I have ran in this game was SC/Dom which got nerfed into oblivion in 1.7. I never said anything about a healer out healing any mage in the game, I think that is absolute bs as I and other mages are able to kill healers. It doesn't happen by just spamming fireball though.
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    44 SC/22 Dom. You have loads of utility, and can get LB to hit pretty hard. Stormschackle>Ragin Storm>Instant Icicle>Squirrel>LB. The 50% damage increase somewhat makes up for the loss of AM. Not entirely, but you gain utility too. More escape options. It's a fun spec. On my mage in the T1 PvP gear on a decently geared target I get a LB of about 800 if they were squirreled when I hit them. So not bad.
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