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Thread: How to arrange your own competitive PvP (sort of)

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    Default How to arrange your own competitive PvP (sort of)

    Bunch of us tried it and it seemed to work well.

    Basically we sync queue 2 groups of 5 man premades for BG, and got promptly matched vs each other (one side as merc of course). For some reason, all the games we played, we didn't get any additional people joining the game. We haven't tried it with 4 groups of 5 mans, but in theory it should work.

    We tried it with completing the BG objective, as well as ignoring it altogether and just going all out at each other. It was incredibly fun as we knew all of us were at least of some standard (a few weren't r40.... but were good players nonetheless). Interesting note though... the team without a warrior lost 90% of the games despite having more R40's.... after we swapped around a bit to ensure (good) warriors were on both sides, it was closer to 40-60.

    Needs some coordination on our own parts.... and there is no ranking involved for epeen purposes, but it was the most fun we had in PvP in awhile. The trash talking on vent made it all the more fun. Who knows, if this starts getting big and more people start doing it, we might have ourselves pretty competitive warfronts after awhile which will definitely make Trion take notice and maybe provide some content catered to it eventually (and yes, they have said no to arena, but there are other things that can be done).
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