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Thread: Arena possibilities???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liryc View Post
    The people in this thread that are against arena it probably couldn't cut it in wow arena. You HAVE to be a skilled PVPer to rise up those ranks and have considerable Wow experience.

    The comment above is surely from sort of random pugger who has never been involved in a premade in his life. By the way dude ive played most of the PVP games you mentioned above Warhammer in a high level PVP guild and most of the rest. If you don't think that Wow arena is competitive (which requires more of a "skill cap" than any of the games you mentioned), then im sorry to say but you have no clue what you are talking about.
    Excuse me sir, I want a open world FFA with a full loot system so when you die I can gladly take your stuff. This is the system for good pvpers.

    WoW is not PvP carebear. There are no ratings and score boards in real pvp games. PvP'ers don't need that for motivation as looting your grave over and over and destroying a city you took months to build is all the scoreboard we need.
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