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Thread: Mercenaries and balance

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    Default Mercenaries and balance

    Im basically pretty happy with the state of pvp in rift. I have leveled 2 chars to r40, a mage and a cleric, and i still love the game after months of playing it. I plan to start a rogue next.
    That being said i wish they could balance the matches better. An imbalance happens less frequently now, but it is still an annoying occurance, when one side completely overpowers the other. The mercenary system in play can equalize the team makeups by assigning players to teams based on their ranks. Ill describe an example of implementation for PUG matches, but this can be easily extended to also include premades. PUG Players are selected in pairs from a common queue to join a given match, the higher rank player goes to the team that has a lower average rank, and the lower rank player goes to the team with a higher average rank. This means that the teams will end up more closely matched in average rank. This does not have any impact on the queue times since you are assigning players from the queue to the match at the same rate as before.
    This ofcourse will open the qq from those of us who hate the mercenary system to begin with.

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    Not a bad idea, although that does already happen with premades in my experience, very rarely is my premade not fighting the other premade, assuming there is one there to fight.

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    I'm an R40 mage..fully geared with about 50K planar attunement.

    This weekend, I got into 4 consecutive "1-25 Matched" warfronts.

    In at least 2 of them, I saw 3 players on the OTHER faction that I know for a fact are R40.

    These "matched" warfronts also, I noticed, tend to be the most lopsided matches.

    The system is arbitrary and lie. It's not matching ANYTHING....not ranks, not classes (How many matches have you seen one side with 6 clerics, and the other with none whatsoever?), nothing.

    Also...I have been in lots of "25-40 Matched" warfronts.

    Check out the gear on your teammates in the next "matched" warfront. I see more rank 1-25 on Guardian side than there are 25-40's in my "25-40" matches...it's like a 2-1 ratio.

    There is either NO matching going on, or it is completely F'd up.

    I'm not sure what they're matching. I think nothing.

    I think it is 100% BS.
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    Going out on a limb but I assume so that que times don't stack high it makes matches whether it's perfect or not. Now how it deems a matched game I suspect...

    If a x% of the team falls within rank x - x then it will call it a ranked game. So maybe the system will call a game with 85%+ of people under the right ranks a ranked game. Maybe if it falls farther it deems it an unranked game. You cannot make a flawless system to this unless you literally arranged matches yourself almost. I suspect a 'matched' game isn't a strict match up but rather a set majority of players that do fall in that rank, if it was able to pool enough for the attempted matched game to call it one. Otherwise you just get the un-matched. Obviously in a perfect world it can find all rank x - x players without searching outside those bounds. But who lives in a perfect world?

    Just a guess
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    New round up of some high rank matches
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