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Thread: Any new pvp gear?

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    Default Any new pvp gear?

    Okay I'm returning player and starting to get into the groove of PvP again, but I seen the PvP ranks are changed with a cap of 40. So where are the new pvp gear, all i see are the same ones from before but it says the cap is 36.

    I did also saw that the unseen faction has a new synergy crystal for rank 40. Do we even have rank 40 gear yet?

    Thanks in advance

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    No new gear, the new crystal was added for rank 40 players. It works with the existing gear set.
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    Cause we need Clerics and Warriors to be even more out of control. The forums will only accept new gear if Rogues get nerfed and everyone is forced to play Defiant.
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    Yeah. There is none, but there are no rank requirements for gear now! Yay?

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