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Thread: warrior pvp

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    Default warrior pvp

    I'm newer to rift and I was wondering about all these warrior guides, builds, are most still viable? If not can someone please point me into the right direction?? I love shield warrior builds and two hander. A guide that is easy to read with marcos would be nice, thanks.

    ps This is for warrior pvp

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    Your options:

    32 Riftblade, 22 Champion, 12 Paladin
    29 Riftblade, 21 Champion, 16 Void Knight
    51 Riftblade, 15 Paladin
    38 Void Knight, 28 Riftblade
    38 Void Knight, 28 Champion
    51 Champion, 15 Void Knight
    51 Champion, 15 Paladin

    Ask in the warrior forums if you want specific warrior help.

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