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Thread: PvP Videos - Nutish Cleric / Pain Train

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    Default PvP Videos - Nutish Cleric / Pain Train

    Hey guys, I just wanted to share with you my movies, I uploaded 2 of them some time ago and today I uploaded my third and probably the last one (taking a break from Rift).

    1st movie was more like a test (my first recording ever) quality is medium/bad, contains some wfs, second movie is I guess in better quality 720p and contains also some wfs and in the third you can see some open world pvp ( playing here as a hybrid shamy/sent/inq )

    I hope you'll enjoy watching them.

    Here is a link to my channel on youtube Nutish youtube

    Cheers guys!
    Nutish - Pain Train @Bloodiron

    Nutish youtube

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    Looking good nutish ;)

    Brobey, Cleric Healer, EU.

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