I didn't see another post about this so if it exists then proceed to reacting according to expectation. I generally ignore the PvP forum for obvious reason so it's possible this is already well documented or not an issue at all.

My cleric alt does not appear to receive any bonus from Ascended Courage in warfronts despite having the buff. I have heard from several people that say they are experiencing the same but only on their cleric alts. Is this something others are seeing as well or isolated? My understanding of how Ascended Courage works is that it buffs valor for low ranks, which I personally dislike but my purpose is not to discuss the finer points of the PvP devs' decisions, and by finer points I mean listening to bads QQ. As my warrior has been max rank for months save the brief periods during the cap increase from 6 to 8 then 38 to 40 I have no previous experience with Ascended Courage.