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Thread: RvR Open World - Ember Isle Design Part 3

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    Default RvR Open World - Ember Isle Design Part 3

    With the new anniversary video confirming persistent open world RvR with meaningful objectives, I am reviving this thread for new ideas.

    Pls post constructive suggestions and help Trion design the best RvR mmo in history. Below is my idea of how to enhance ember isle

    a1) Ember Isle will be the open world RvR zone. If you are in a pve server and do not to participate, then u can set pvp flag off - no change to today's settings

    a2) Ember Isle zone will now be shared across servers in the same shard

    a3) New areas will be added to increase zone size to accommodate more players since the zone is now shared among 3-4 servers

    a4) Unrelated to ember isle, you can now betray your faction to join a new 3rd faction of the new city that Trion is designing.

    a5) Hence RvR will now be 3 faction

    a6) Favor and Prestige will be increased 10% if you are in a full guild group or raid.

    b) The 2 forts - Talo's Landing(Defiant) and Fort Zarnost(Guardian) will be redesigned to be siegable. Siege design should be similar to DAOC, and by killing the Fort Lord, your faction controls the Fort. For pve folks, you will have to wait for your fort to be recaptured, or join pvp and help recapture the fort. Else most of the pve content is instances, and the EI quests in the fort are only the story ones anyway.*

    c) The sourcewell archs defense points can now be captured by npc mobs, defiants or guardians or the 3rd faction. Capturing and holding these points will spawn mob invasions against the enemy's city. For pve folks, you can still fight mob invasions that attack the source wells, with pvp flag turned off. As long you don't attack the enemy players you are safe. If the enemy captures the source well that you are at, the zone around the sourcewell will turn everyone in the zone pvp flag on after 3mins of capture so you have 3 mins to move out.*

    d) Underneath ember isle there will be a new RvR dungeon linked by only 2 entrances. One entrance is in the Defiant's fort, and the other entrance accessible from the Guardian's fort

    e) If you control both forts, then the enemy faction cannot access to the entrance, which means you also control the entrances to the RvR dungeon. Take note that there may be enemy factions inside the dungeon at the time you control the entrances.

    f) The RvR dungeon will contain npc merchants at both entrances, selling tier 10 pvp gear and new pvp stuff. PvP gear can only be bought by favor and if you are of the right rank. New pvp stuff can either by bought by favor or the new RvR currency which the dungeon mobs drop.

    g) There will be a safe gathering point at the entrance, before a 1 way ledge drop to the common area. This is to prevent entrance farming of players zoning in

    h) The dungeon will have mobs from level 20-52. Loot will be pvp gear,and other high pvp demand stuff. Loot cannot be auctioned and all will be bind on pickup so that pve folks cannot farm and auction loot. XP is comparable to non RvR dungeon mobs but no coin will drop. Instead a new RvR currency will drop, and this new currency is used to buy pvp goodies from the dungeon entrance merchants. Again pve folks need not farm in this dungeon because there is nothing they need there

    I) Near the centre of dungeon, it will be clear of mobs and open large space.

    j) 6 relics will spawn in the centre. No mobs will guard the relics. Only a full group of 5 can carry a relic. If a group member dies or goes out of range, the relic holder will be snared by 80%. If the group transports a relic to Ember Watch, an npc there will reward your group with prestige and favor points, and also increasing your whole faction's xp gain by 10% for 3 hours. In theory if you hand in 6 relics in succession within 3 hours your whole faction's xp gain is 60%. This will benefit xp gain from killing both mobs and players. This is a plus point to pve folks, however the advantage is not so extreme that it is a must for them to participate in relic raids just to get the xp gain

    k) Once handed in, the relic respawn only 3 hours later. In the meantime you can farm the dungeon mobs/rifts.*

    l) Assuming a high population faction controls both forts and dungeon, there is another way into the dungeon. See next point

    m) If a pvp rift in Ember Isle is completed, a portal will spawn, rifting a random of 5 to 20 players into a random spot in the dungeon. Take note, however, you can't zone out of dungeon unless your faction takes back one of the fort's entrance.*

    n) I forgot to mention, if you retrieve a relic from the dungeon centre, you can only zone to the fort in ember isle only if your faction control that fort

    o) A new RvR notoriety point system will encourage accomplishments of the RvR objectives. New RvR skills can be bought using these points at the npc vendor in the forts.*

    p) A new RvR notoriety point system will encourage accomplishments of the RvR objectives. New RvR skills can be bought using these points at the npc vendor in the forts. For every 20% higher enemy population in Ember Isle/RvR dungeon zone, you get an extra 1% *increase in RvR Notoriety, prestige and favor points. This will even out the advantage of fighting against Zerg, and encourage commando elite group play and tactics against Zerg. For example my 4 man group of Rank 8 players kills 10 rank 3 players wearing pve gear - these noobs were on their way from Ember Watch to the fort to join their other 10 friends. In total they have 20 but we have only 4. Their population advantage for pvp flagged players is 500% in Ember Isle zone. 500/20= 25% increase in RvR notoriety points in killing these 10 players

    A1) Every warfront win by our faction sets off an invasion against the enemy's fort

    A2) The longer you keep the fort, the higher the level of mob invasions. There will come a time when all the mobs are level 52 elites and even elite bosses will attack, and the rate of invasion so fast that it will take a Zerg of elite players just to hold the fort, let alone the fact that none of the fort defenders are in pve gear. Again pve folks can choose to ignore the defense, but it will be great if tier 4 pve gear players defend the fort against the mob invasions

    A3) Person holding relic cannot use mount

    A4) Group holding relic earn extra RvR notoriety points when killing players

    A5) All RvR notoriety points are shared by the group and players who actively participate in the kill. Let's say we have 20 man raid, 4 groups. Group 1 rogue kills the enemy. Group 2 warrior helped to dps. The points for the kill is divided by the 10 players in group 1 and 2. Group 3 and 4 no points.*

    A6) RvR points are adjusted up if u kill a higher rank player. Goes up significantly higher if a rank1 kills rank 8 for example

    A7) You cannot queue or zone to pve dungeon and WF when you are within the forts and RvR dungeon

    A8) Only 2 of the relics can be taken out of the centre of the RvR dungeon at any one time. This will prevent a Zerg , and will force the winning team to spilt up into escort and defending groups.

    A9) Handing in relics in Ember Watch will also increase same faction attributes for 12 hours. Same buffs cannot stack. These benefits pvp combat only

    Relic A - increase Vengeance by 5%
    Relic B - increase Valor by 5%
    Relic C - increase Air, Fire, Water resist by 5%
    Relic D - increase Earth, Death, Life resist by 5%
    Relic E - increase Str and Dex by 10%
    Relic F - increase Int and Wisdom by 10%

    This will give more incentives to aim for the relics.*

    A10) RvR notoriety points are used to buy new pvp skills at the npc merchants at entrance of the RvR dungeon. Some skills are passive and some are active:

    - Deathwish : usable by Necro soul only, target is struck by a dark demonic curse, and loses 50% hp after 20 secs. 5 min cooldown

    - Pickpocket : Rogue only, steals a fair amount of gold from target, 5 min cool down

    - Light of the Archbishop : passive, Rank 1 grants 1% increase to all Templar soul skills. Can buy up to Rank 5

    One sided Zerg population balancing:

    Zerg will be split between the following which will diminish their power:

    1) Defend Relics in dungeon from being taken. Remember enemies can randomly port in from completed pvp rifts

    2) Defend Fort from mob invasions and players. Level of Mob invasions increases the longer you hold the fort

    3) Escorting relic to Ember Walk from Dungeon and Fort

    4) Prevent enemy pvp rifts from being completed, else enemies can port into random spot of dungeon

    5) eliminating enemies that manage to port into dungeon from pvp rifts

    6) Due to RvR noteriety points being distributed fairly to contributors only, there will be groups that will not join the zerg. For example, if a Rank 10 player is worth 2500 RvR points to a Rank 1 player ( 1000 base points + 1500 rank difference bonus) , then I rather run with a group of 5 Rank 1 players where each player will get 500 points, instead of running with a Zerg of 20 high rank players where I may get 2500/20 = 125 points or even less than that due to high rank players in the Zerg.*

    RvR dungeon layout:*

    B1) Level 20 mobs are near the entrance and level 52 elite mobs near the centre. They are placed strategically such that there is no way you can walk to the relics without killing the mobs with at least 4 groups of average geared players. Difficulty of mobs similar to ROS. It is possible that 2 groups of elite geared players clear the way to the relics, which is also the reason why only 2 relics can be transported out at any one time.*

    B2) a level 20 player can choose to port to the fort from Meridien, enter the RvR dungeon and farm the low level mobs for pvp loot. Assuming his faction controls the dungeon. He can also hold the relic, not restricted to level 50

    B3) You can also fight to the enemy's entrance and hold them there, when the dungeon ownership changes, to prevent them from reaching the relics. Note you can't do this forever, because they can still port in randomly from pvp rift, and they can also own both forts and come in from other entrance

    B4) throughout the path to the centre, there are ward stones which your faction can capture. These ward stones will spawn mob invasions in the centre near the relics. The longer you own the wardstones the higher the level of mob invasions. This feature is to balance the scenario in case a Zerg camps the centre and only defend this point and nowhere else in Ember Isle
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    Who said it was RvR? They just said it was open-world PvP with meaningful impact. And considering they say, in the same video, that they are trying to shy away from the "two faction" system, it's more likely that it will be faction-independent -- How, exactly, that would work...I have no clue.

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    d) Underneath ember isle there will be a new RvR dungeon linked by only 3 entrances. One entrance is in the Defiant's fort, and the other entrance accessible from the Guardian's fort, and the third entrance under a new fort belonging to the 3rd faction

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    I don't support any changes that would substantially alter the game for players on PvE shards, and I wouldn't entertain any thoughts that it's something Trion is willing to do either.

    And for clarity before this thread, it's title, or it's original post gets misconstrued and drifts all over the interentz confusing otherwise well meaning folks, there has been no confirmation of RvR whatsoever, nor any confirmation of a third faction or a new city.

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