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Thread: tiron in reguards to twinks......

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    Default tiron in reguards to twinks......

    Its quite obvious that tiron has no intention to fix the xp locking in wf's that allows twinking. At this point the damage is already done.

    And to those that say that twinks are ok because that's how it is at 50.....I say yeah right. If that same manner of thinking was applied to pve dungeons you guys would cry a new ocean worth of tears.

    The xp locking feature in pvp represents an unfair advantage to bored 50's with surplus plat and planarite. This does nothing to further gameplay or overall skill because the new players. Just get nuked from orbit before they learn how to pvp.

    This is a huge oversight on tirons part and shows an overall lack of understanding to the pvp issues that exist.
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    Such completely new and unheard of thoughts on a completely non-discussed subject.
    Quote Originally Posted by Majorin View Post
    Think of a 30 meter circle around all ranged dps rogues and mages. Ranged dps can stand in the back line and focus fire targets without worrying about mobility and most forms of cc.
    Quote Originally Posted by Zinbik View Post
    Sounds like an excellent plan for your healers to follow as well, as they have an even longer range on their heals.

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