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Thread: Valor vs Armor

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    Default Valor vs Armor


    What is the difference between Armor and Valor. Do they stack or do they use the higher value. Or do they do two different things in PVP. I couldnt find an answer in game so I am asking here. This is what my current stats say.
    • Armor: In PVP, reduces physical damage taken by 40.46%
    • Valor: Reduces physical damage from players by 38.6%
    So you can see my base Armor stat is higher. So do they stack or use the higher value? Or do they do two different things? So confused. Thanks ahead of time.
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    Armor applies to physical damage only. Valor applies to everything. They do stack, but I'm not sure about the exact calculation. I *believe* that it calculates the damage done based on the target's armor/resistances and then applies the damage reduction from valor to that. So if you have a target with armor that reduces physical damage by 20%, an unmodified hit for 1000 damage would hit for 800, and then if that target also had valor that reduced damage by 50%, the final value would be 400 damage.

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