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Thread: A suggestion for dealing with Scion zergs

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    Default A suggestion for dealing with Scion zergs

    I think with a few changes, it can be made so it is still a perfectly legit strategy to kill the boss, but so that it isn't possible to just zerg it and end the round in a minute. Here's what you do:

    1) For the first bit of the battle, 1-2 minutes, the bosses have a shield on them that absorbs all damage. There is just no killing them, at all, during that time. So you actually have to run out and do something else, no going straight to the boss. The shield just drops off after the specified time and a notice is sent to let players know.

    2) Have the two people each buff the boss's attack by 100%, and the boss buff their attack by 100% when they are near him. So you CAN attack the boss with everything up, but it is near impossible because they'll hit like trucks. Blowing up the idols will help some since the guards will run off to them. Since they aren't near the boss, they don't get the damage bonus. However he still gets the bonus from them so long as they are alive. So to really reduce his damage down to normal levels, you have to kill the guards at the idols. This also gives some real incentive to defend the idols, it makes them real points of PvP contention (which is the idea).

    3) Finally the boss starts with 9 stacks of a buff that reduces incoming damage by 10% per stack, 90% total. Makes him very hard to kill, of course would take a real long time. However for every source stone your team captures, the enemy boss loses 1 stack. So capture 9 stones and he takes normal damage.

    Do this and it'll end insta zergs, and also make it where you have to work a little bit to make the boss reasonable to kill. Cap a few stones, blow up the idols and kill the guards, then you can go after the boss. So the boss is still a legit strategy. If one side is heavily camping the mid and running lots of stones, the other side can try for a boss strike. However there's no zerging the bosses. You can't even kill them for a minute or two, and after that you really need to work for 5-10 minutes on reducing how tough they are to make a kill more possible.

    One other thing would be to add more warnings on the boss. Have the game send out a specific warning at 75%, 50% and 25% health. Often the under attack message gets ignored since all the time a person will wander up there chasing someone, aggro the boss, and generate the message. These would let people know it is serious.

    I think the changes would make Scion much more fun again and encourage more PvP action. There'd be none of this "Just ignore the idol, who cares?" stuff, you'd have good reason to go defend it, and good reason to attack it, which of course leads to some good PvP combat.

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    Why doesn't your team just kill their zerg at the boss? Team + boss > Team - boss.

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