Not sure making a new one is a good idea when it comes to queue times, but here goes.

Circular court with 4 bases. 4 teams and 4 bases.
The two teams from the same faction have bases on the opposite side of each other.
All teams start out at 1000 points

In the middle of the court there is a giant cannonball.
In each base there are 3 bombs. depending on how close to the cannonball they are placed, they will move the cannonball when they explode. If you place it too close to the cannonball and someone else manages to blow up a charge close enough to move it past your charge, your charge will move it the wrong way. The bomb will respawn in your base as soon as it explodes. If it's disarmed it will recieve a 30 sec CD before it respawns.
After a charge is placed it will take 8 seconds to explode, any player from one of the opposing teams can disarm the bomb. disarming will take 2 seconds unless interrupted.

The closer the cannonball is to your base the faster the points you have will count down towards zero. The last team to have points left is the winner of the match.

That's the basic idea at least. Don't expect everyone to think it's a good idea, but it would at least be something new. Bet there are a lot of you out there that have ideas that could give us some really original WF's, so please share, we might catch a devs eye with one of them at least.