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Thread: Just a question about something I see in your pvp videos.

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    Default Just a question about something I see in your pvp videos.

    How do you make the damage number big and the skill show up?
    Looked real fun in the videos and seemed helpful, I'd like to try it!

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    Can't tell if serious, but...

    The big numbers are crits, and the icons are toggled with settings->interface->screen messages and then click the boxes for show ability names, icons.
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    Ya, the big numbers mean a crit. Ability names and icons can be turned on in your settings. I personally prefer just the ability names because I find the screen gets cluttered with icons when things are going crazy, but everyone has their preferences. I think having at least the ability names turned on is critical, especially when you're learning. When stuff is flying all over the place, knowing exactly what is hitting you is invaluable.

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