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Thread: Not so lustrious anymore....

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    Default Not so lustrious anymore....

    I like to keep an eye on new games. I think everyone of us does.
    I've heard the hype about Guild Wars 2. I've watched the vids, etc, etc and I've kept up with their updates on their sites. I've been wondering how they were going to make everyone "equal" when it came to pvp.

    I wrote a post here not too long ago stating that for pvp there can never be balance because of too many factores involved, but the people at Guild Wars 2 kept boasting about everyone being on level ground so I waited...until I read the latest blog post a few weeks back....just like I had said earlier you cant make it even.

    They have a lot of neat ideas, but it's not my cup of tea. leaf armor? little anime people running around in robot suits? sorry not my cup of tea. Rift is where I'm staying for my fantasy fix and The Secret World is where I'm going to get the best of both worlds come June.

    I can only imagine the complaining and *****ing over this even now.....

    this is copied directly from the GW2 site:
    Character level adjustments have a limit, however. The level-adjustment system won’t let a level 1 character go head-to-head against a level 80 character with much chance of victory—a level 80 character is still going to have more bonuses on their gear and access to a full complement of utility and elite skills that players just don’t have at lower levels. This is not to say that the high-level character will one-shot the level 1 player, but they will have a clear advantage.

    So what’s a low-level character to do? Anybody can man a siege weapon, help repair walls, or go hunt down enemy dolyaks, so even new characters can still be useful in the Mists—as long as they pick their fights wisely. Fights are rarely one-on-one affairs, so if you’re just starting out, you’d be wise to find some teammates to fight alongside you as there definitely is strength in numbers.

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    You either have gear progression (non even playing ground at times) or no gear progression (even playing ground all the time). What makes progression games even is that the roof of progression these days seems to be doable in a few weeks/month if you are hardcore and 2 - 4 months if you play at slower paces. The balance is that you too can put in the time and the top is not unreachable. Not sure what people would expect. ^.^
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    Quote Originally Posted by Violacea View Post
    Not sure what people would expect. ^.^
    they expect this

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    Sounds like someone didn't find out how all the different forms of pvp work in GW2. In competitive modes of PvP the gear and levels are standardized. In WvWvW which is more casual PvP then you use the gear and levels you acquired in PvE.

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