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Thread: [TRION] Team Duels

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    Default [TRION] Team Duels

    Party vs Party duels. 2v2 to 5v5

    We've been dreaming this since a long time in guild. Duels are fun but there're bigger challenges going on in my guild but we're not able to do it. We'd love to have arenas but appearantly there's no plan about it in near future. So make team duels happen by changing a few codes, giving us a nice toy to have fun between WFs and a reason to log on after thursdays.

    I don't think that would cause any negative effect to the game. Make it happen in 1.8!

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    I feel like any hope for something that would give way to more fun and competitive PvP is pointless, given the whole PvP tourney fiasco and Trion going all Honey Badger on us, but I appreciate the sentiment.

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