I thought I'd start another post about the hot topic arena but I get the feeling Trion is not happy with this thought. I'll leave it at that.

Well, lets talk about class balance and structure. This can be from class equalization all the way to class restructure.

Another thing to take the time to discuss is that gear is still a large deciding factor in PvP currently.

Note: Discuss the gear factor in the current situation after the huge optimization in patch 1.7.

To be honest, I'm sure you would rather not waste time to have a coherent discussion about PvP in Rift but I do believe that Rift has the chance to develop the best PvP system. Leave your comments.

Another point to review is the lack of skill involved with PvP atm. I'm sure you want competitive game play.


Enough with the PvP talk, what are your views of the current class system and how it can be improved.

Now for my thoughts, I personally think several classes need to be evaluated. For example; Warrior damage as a defensive soul, Cleric melee mitigation in PvP, Cleric healing PvP, Mage healing in PvP, Rogue survivability in PvP. I know some of you may not agree with my thoughts of what needs to be reviewed and fixed but these are opinions.

Anyways, I thank you for tanking the time to view this thread and be civil/respectful in the thread when you post.