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Thread: More favor and / or xp in wfs please

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    Default More favor and / or xp in wfs please

    I think it'd be really great to make PVP a viable way to farm PA. Right now the most common ways to grind it are IA and onslaughts and I think the people who I enjoy doing those are a very small minority.

    On average for me it takes an hour - hour and a half to get ONE pa level in wfs on weekends. With IA / onslaughts you can easily grind out 2-3 per hour.


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    More XP? Agree
    More Favor? Disagree

    Nowadays favor is already too easy to farm, special weekend, pots etc.

    But yeah, farming xp in wf's is alot more fun then farming onslaughts or 'that special spot on ember island'

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