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Thread: HK vs best pvp gear

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    Default HK vs best pvp gear

    IS HK better? alot better? in pvp that is

    Would like some straight answers to that

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    no .
    Straight as you can get.
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    yes, straight as it can get.


    As usual this works both ways.
    PvE weapons means more dps (well, relics for rogues)
    PvE armor means more dps (crystal from HK, also it's relic gear)
    PvP weapons means more endurance, more valor
    PvP armor means more endurance, more valor.

    So, it's better if you have more healing on your team, or steal it with fell blades stuff.
    it's worse if your team is bad.

    Basically, if you have a more skilled team, definitely more burst is better.
    If your team is bad, go for the toughest way to prevent yourself and other people from dying to tactical time your win.

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