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Thread: [Suggestion] Warfront Zone

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    Default [Suggestion] Warfront Zone

    I'm not sure if this is the correct section to post a suggestion, I didn't see any other section that really fit.

    Rift, Warfront Zone

    A new zone that focuses primarily on PvP (RvR). In this new zone the two factions (Guardian & Defiant) will fight for control of a single fortress. Along with the fortress there should be; 5 strategic points and a few new PvE(ish) instances (3?).

    The zone will only be available to level 50 characters. The attackers only enter the zone when it is open and only at predefined locations - at least 2 ways into the zone is required for either faction and it should not be possible for the defenders to “bottle-neck” the action at these locations.

    The Fortress
    Will house various NPC’s that offer PvP quests, items, etc for the controlling faction. There will also be a portal within the fortress that is only usable by the controlling faction. The fortress should have 3 doors that only the controlling faction can use (these doors are “open” at Stage 2, see below).

    Battle for the Fortress
    Attacking the fortress is split up into two sections, first the control of various strategic points and then the assault on the lord (NPC) of the Fortress.

    Stage 1: The Strategic Points
    The strategic points should be copies of the source wells from Ember Isle, however rather than a “well” it could be a crystal or statue (or whatever fits best with the games lore). There should be 5 strategic points within the zone, which the attackers need to capture and hold until enough points are obtained to launch an assault on the Fortress. Points are awarded (or removed) based on the number of strategic points held by the attacking side:

    0 points held: -10 pts (the total can not drop below 0).
    1 point held: -5 pts.
    2 points held: 0 pts.
    3 points held: +5 pts.
    4 points held: +10 pts.
    5 points held: +20 pts.

    The points are awarded every 60 seconds and a total of 500 points are needed before the Fortress can be siege. Points are also awarded for player kills within the vicinity of the strategic points (+2 for each defender killed and -2 for each attacker killed).

    The strategic points should also have turrets (damage & health) just like those from Ember Isle and just like Ember Isle charges are used to upgrade and heal them. Crystals should also be randomly located within the zone, however they should provide fewer charges and their locations should be more random and fewer available.

    Stage 2: The Fortress Siege
    When stage 2 is reached the fortress doors are automatically opened and remain open for 1 hour or until the fortress has successfully been captured. To capture the fortress, the attackers need to enter the fortress and kill the defenders “lord” located in the “throne room”.

    If the hour time limited is reached, the fortress doors are closed, all attackers within the fortress are ported back to their respective zone entry points and the zone is reset - the attackers start again with stage 1.

    Releasing after death
    When any player from the faction that control the zone dies and releases, the player is ported back to the fortress, unless the fortress is under siege (stage 2). If the fortress is under siege the players will be ported to a “war camp” style location outside of the fortress.

    When any of the attacking players die and release, they are ported back to that factions zone entry point, unless the fortress is under siege (stage 2). If the fortress is under siege the players will be ported to a “war camp” style location outside of the fortress (but not the same as the defending players).

    Zone Lock
    As soon as the fortress has been successfully captured, the defenders are teleported out of the zone and are locked out for 1 hour, before the zone resets, allowing the locked out faction to re-enter the zone as the attackers. Players within any of the zones instances are not ported out.

    The new PvE(ish) instances
    These new instances should be a mix between normal PvE instances and the Warfronts - possibly something like The Battle of Port Scion, but against NPC’s and much bigger. They should be designed to last around 45 minutes or more.

    The instances are only available to the players that control the fortress and can only be entered by using a consumable “key”. These “key’s” are random drops from PvP rifts (anywhere within Tera) and should not drop “too often”.

    Only the leader of the group that wishes to enter an instance requires a key, which is another reason why the key’s should have a low drop rate.

    When the opposite faction captures the fortress, all instances become invade-able (up until the maximum number of allowed players for that instance).

    Rift invasions
    During times of “low activity” rift invasions can occur, the invaders will also try to capture the fortress by completing both stage 1 and stage 2, therefore it is possible that neither faction has control over the fortress. This mechanic could also be used to “help” factions that are out-numbered on any server.

    Zone Specific abilities
    It would also be nice if there were zone specific abilities available, one for example could be “The Third Eye” that costs 5 charges and allows that player to see ALL stealth-ed players (and NPC’s) within N feet (15?) and the ability should have a 10 minute timer that lasts beyond death.

    More suggestions?

    Location of the new zone
    Another new island could be created, however there is unknown land south of Shimmersand - why not extend and use that?

    A zone for all the PvP lovers, which the PvE lovers can ignore if they wish too.

    All values (times, points, etc) listed above are open for discussion and should not be considered as final.

    Good/Bad idea?

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    Creative expression notwithstanding, the devs have more or less told us when we suggest things to offer our suggestions in generalized terms.

    "I would like to see an RvR zone with castles and stuff" = good.

    "I would like to see a zone with <this, this, and that> and <objectives x, y, z> that will earn <a, b, c> <points, buffs, currency> for <capturing/destroying/defending> <etc. etc. etc.>" = wasting your time.

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    Default No waste of time for me...

    @Licentia, thanks for the feedback, shame you didn't bother to take the time to indicate your support or not for the idea.

    As for me wasting my time ... this idea is something I've been messing around with for a while now, so it would have been more of a waste of my time if I hadn't posted it.

    I've seen quite a few threads now from people keen on the basic RvR idea ... hopefully Trion will see our ideas and use some (or all) of them...

    Finally, please add your support to this thread if you like the idea ... thank you.

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