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Thread: PvP.... Refresher?

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    Default PvP.... Refresher?

    Hello pals. I am back from a 2 month break and just resubbed. Naturally, many things have changed pvp-wise that I am trying to get a grasp on. I have a question, if anyone would care to shed some light.

    I play a rogue. I have a full set of seekers gear, 1 stalkers, the seeker crystal, and the rank 12 weapons (daggers/bow). I am currently rank 14. I do scrub dps. Is this simply because people are stacking incredible amounts of valor? I have 1042 valor currently, which is something like 42% damage reduction. My mm/ranger spec, for instance, has rapid fire crits on other, similar spec rogues for 250-300ish. They do 500+ per crit in return.

    Am I not stacking enough valor, or is the dps from a r40 bow just going to add that much damage? Note that I am ignoring warriors and riftstalker specs that I would expect to have mitigation and just going off of opponents that I believe are running the same spec as me.

    Basically, is damage going to come with better gear, or is my valor just too low? I do not have the pvp stone or essences yet, if that helps.

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    You will notice a difference once you get the old r6 gear (r25 now i think) but yea, the damage output a full r40 with fulldps sigil will be leaps and bounds ahead so just grind it out, it eventually gets better. get the gear, get the rep for crystal and get your 100inscribed sigil and you should be on par with everyone else in terms of damage, with the valor increase everyone hits less now anyways. Excluding people using hk 4pc they usually hit like a truck
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