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Thread: My thoughts on the Mess that is the Global Cooldown in Rift.

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    Default My thoughts on the Mess that is the Global Cooldown in Rift.

    First and Foremost let me say, I am totally againts the way they gave mages a 1second GCD by placing it in the pyro tree.

    Firstly, having played all the classes a good amount, you really feel the difference going between a class that has a 1second GCD to a 1.5second GCD.

    I think it would be great if there was a way for the other classes to get a 1second GCD.

    However, not without conditions

    Firstly, covering the caster classes.

    A flat out GCD reduction like that found in the pyro tree is a terrible Idea, as for those who are absolutely tied to the 1sec GCD feel always feel they need to take it.

    What should have been done is to implement the Spell Haste system from WoW.

    If you don't know what that is, look it up, but a basic description of what it is:

    Spell Haste is a stat which lowers the casting time of abilities, and also lowers the GCD to a minimum of 1second for casters.

    The catch:
    You give up valueable damage stats in order to obtain that lower GCD.

    Most mage specs that are viable include pyro's lowered GCD in it anyways, removing that (perhaps making it a passive boost to haste, like .02secs worth per talent point).

    Clerics might need a bit of damage readjustment, but they are spellpower heavy anyways.

    Melee classes:
    Haste, WoWs form essentially, increases melee attack speed (not GCD) and increases energy/power regen (would have to be slight, like 5 energy/power per second with max haste).

    Power regen would need to be lowered slightly after this change.

    Now onto warriors.

    I feel that 1.5sec GCD for a 2h spec is not out of line, however it would be nice to give them the option of faster paced gameplay.

    How I would do this is by lowering the GCD of warriors when dual wielding to 1second. Paragons damage bonuses would need to be played around with so a dual wielding 51 paragon would be behind a 2h 51 champ by about 15%. The catch being uptime.

    Procs would have to be normalized, so a slower hit has a higher chance of proccing something than a lower one.

    Damage would need to be played with so 2h would still do more damage.

    All around:

    There are many abilities that should really be off the GCD, I'll make a list some time, but a few examples would be bull rush and thunderous leap being OGCD.

    I'll think of more things to say later I'm sure.
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    This one rates up there with the jump to conclusions mat I think.

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    I vote to just completely do away with GCD altogether.

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    Too many instant cast time abilities to do away with the GCD.

    I really think they kind of even out

    rogue has shortest - but their efficient rotations include 5 cp built + a finisher. They have to hit more buttons I always felt to get 'results'.

    Mages can get the short one but normally have 1.5 - no concept of CP building just charge. But I know many mage cast times match or exceed the GCD at times. I always felt the pyro reduction was just cool cause you get a lot of insta proc casts which a smaller GCD's helps that a lot imo.

    clerics - They don't need to heal faster. They don't have to build charge, no CP building. They just hit buttons and get big. Why I felt they were balanced around it. Think they also have the same thing mages have...few spells equal/exceed GCD

    Warriors - only need 3 AP's to do what rogues scheme is. max AP for warrior is 1.5 gcd x 3 - 4.5s Max CP for rogue is 1s GCD x 5 - 5s. I always felt that sort of evened it self out.

    Problem is to give us stats to increase cast speed/GCD they need caps on them. Right now I don't see them allowing GCD time to be a flexible stat via gear. And They would have to re-haul cast speed caps because they might just run into everyone one day having instant cast spells since you can reduce cast speed spells to instant.
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    Why is this in the PvP forums?

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    11 points in inqui for 1 sec GCD

    (tee hee)

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    Sorry I dont agree with giving simillar abilities to all callings. Each class is unique on its way.

    Also, all of the other classes have way many instant spells which is not the case of the mage.

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