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Thread: QQ problems....

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    Default QQ problems....

    Why do people think that their ideas are the end all be all idea. Please do post your ideas that's what these forums are for, but this is not your game you did not program write or even contribute in anyway to it being made. Yes you pay a subscription fee and the best way to protest what you think are bad ideas is to unsub and let the people who like to play or just want an escape from RL to play in peace.
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    It takes to long to clear trash and the boss is too hard! Nerf the whole raid!
    The dude playing that warrior is better than me! Nerf his whole class!
    The OP types the truth! Nerf his keyboard!
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    Honestly, letting people QQ on the forums is far more productive and profitable to all of us then just unsubbing.

    Unsubbing results in a lack of dev funds to Trion, and if they just straight unsub, then how will Trion even know there's a problem?

    What I hate is when people say Trion ignores the big problems. If anything can be said about this Dev, its that they are incredibly in tune to their community and it seems they take most serious complaints, well, seriously.

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    it is not enough these days to question authority, you gotta speak with it too

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