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Thread: [Idea] Instant PvP

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    Default [Idea] Instant PvP

    I have been thinking about this idea for a while now.

    It really bugged me when they released instant adventure that they hadn't added the same feature for PvP and could use more challenging PvP than we have no.

    A few ideas on how to implement it:

    1. Cross-shard, So everyone are be able to participate in these PvP events they should be available cross-shard.

    2. Make pre-made areas for players to battle out in (Sliver method) The places where players does the dailies could be a good starting point.

    3. I really wanna be able to challenge other guilds(vs guild) and with instant PvP that could be a reality and would really bring a whole new level to PvP in rift.

    4. Instant PvP ladder. This is what I have really been missing in Rift! No real PvP without some ladders.

    5. Make Pre-made PvP-instances 5/5 - 10/10 - 15/15 - 20/20. With such a big game it's really sad to see that we can't do any big pre-mades other than in open world PvP.

    Hope I'm not the only one that want to see this get into the game. Further ideas would be welcomed
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    I like the idea.

    Not sure if it could be done as slivers, but in any case it could be like 5-10man open world pvp like the current instant adventures? (I should probably just teleport you to some remote places in telara where creeps are as abundant and other players less likely to appear). This would ofc be shard only pvp then.

    I like the idea, not sure if its the best way to do GvG/premade and ladder system though - would require alot of work for sure, but as a open world pvp option it would be a welcome addition.

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