Hello everyone,

Been playing this game since head start and always felt like I really didnt need to post any of my feelings/2 cents toward game's progression so far.

But mercenary thing is for sure helping a lot for the Q time...pretty much instant on daily WF. But when playing merc with 4-5 of my guardian buddies into a defiant group while fighthing 4-5 defiants in the guardian group...kinda pretty much useless imo. Scaled 20-40 WFs is not enough imo.

I am thinking about some improvements into WFs Trion could do to even the teams and keep the same lv of challenge. This is pretty much a brainstorm that needs some improvements but general idea is there...I guess!

They could work on the way Qs are made and get a nice WF experience for everyone. And the trill to play the same WFs a new way. With a new WF point system!!

Based on wins + personnal kill ratio and other different acheivements = Battle points
In other words, Baseball player point system. Imo, Prestige Rank =/= PvP raid skills.

Everone starts to 0.500. The better they play ''teamwise'' ,better they are on trying objectives, kill vs death Ratio gives/remove points...to a certain point capped to prevent farming WFs to get faster points. Working that way could able Trion to form better Qing Group base on experience. Results would be to have a lesser % of d*** (w/o PvP experience) in the same group and level close to equal the PvP group experience. P8 geared players can also be dumbs. sorry to be rude, but at some point WFs need AAA and A leagues ! :P

You need to stay the entire match, AFKing more then 2 mins will remove points and kick. Points are given at the end of each match. Also....an ''required selection'' of the best player ( star of the match ) in each group required by all player (maybe greed vs needs system). 2 best killers (K/D ratio), 2 best healers ( total heal ) Thoses points could have some sort of bonuses when more then50% of the raid vote for the same player. Each player get 5 points for the 1st vote. No one can vote for himself.

This type of WF imporvement classification is NOT giving more power to a single player, no abilities, no power ups. The only idea in that is to bring close to .500 ( or same point lv) both factions to form WF groups. No 0.900 will group up with 0.100 anymore. No one will feel the need to carry everyone. or having such a PvP Gear gap that their DPS is reduced to 15% of their power because of bad Q grouping.

Last thing...Winning or losing is NOT giving more or less points....all Accolades, scoring (or trying to) , capturing ( or trying to ), killing/healing people near flag, healing people near flags, Healing or in range of a FC

Losing a game / dropping a flag / getting scored on / getting killed away from objective makes you lose more points.

And YES...optional WF merc!!

I am rdy for your negative comments :P