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Thread: Cleric LF Pvp guild [G]

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    Default Cleric LF Pvp guild [G]

    I'm looking for a predominately PvP guild that runs premades / outdoor pvp (And I don't mean 30 people looking around to gank one(1) person.)

    I'm p6, and I can guarantee I'll top any healer you have in your warfront from a healing chart perspective with having less deaths, with that said I can play dps as well just not as fluent. My play times are usually earlier in the morning, but available on weekends any time.

    I don't mind the mixture between PvP and PvE. I have 2 sets of gear. Just let me know what you're looking for in that aspect.

    Other than that, let me know what's up with everything if you have any offers that have active participation. Even a small group that runs together consistently sounds like a lot of fun to me. Like I said, I'm not looking for a 30v1 situation.

    I'm currently on Dayblind, name is Unthinkable and I'm guardian.

    Thanks for offers in advance!

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    will you consider to transfer to Briarcliff?
    we are a friendbase pvp guild
    and active at abt 4-9am server time (HKT 9pm-1am)

    We do have balance team (small grp, 3-8 ppl) for wf (often) and opvp (sometime)

    GM of Dark Core
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