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Thread: Floating an idea to Trion end game PvP

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    Default Floating an idea to Trion end game PvP

    Yes, similar to WoW's Grubbish (sp?) arena (not really an arena, but a place that centralized and something to fight for), anyway they have it on a 3 hr spawn people go there fight for the chest. This would provide some good end game PvP. The twist is instead of teams it's an individual effort. So, any AoE does not help (if heals or buffs) and will damage all players (if it's damage). Teams would allow for abuse, it's harder to organizine when you can't separate the AoE (or single target heals/buffs) damage and heals. Just a thought. Basic idea is a good one I think.

    Any thoughts of it's viability and interest?
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