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Thread: The AFK timer in Warfronts???

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    Default The AFK timer in Warfronts???

    Trion, why have you created an AFK timer that doesn't even give you a chance to restart your modem to log back in when you DC?

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    ive had a couple issues with it as well. such as my net going down. coming back to a 15 minute debuff sucks. but i understand why its there.
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    They don't know how long you will be out of contact, so they assume you're gone for good. So, instead of waiting around for someone who might come back, they don't waste any time and start looking for your replacement right away. The quicker they can find a replacement, the less time your ex-team has to wait for it, and being a team based game the team should come first.


    The system might not be able to make the distinction between exiting the WF (or game) and DC'ing and thus assumes you've decided to stop playing when you DC'ed.

    Yes, it sucks to end up with a 15 minute vacation if you DC, but this only effects one person. The alternative would be to make everyone else in the WF play shorthanded for X amount of time hoping that you'll come back. The needs of the many, yadda yadda yadda...

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    TBH i think the afk timer is too long, not too short.
    if you need to restart your modem before logging back in, your out of the match for too long anyway.

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    I like to think I've made a name for myself in the warfronts, so even when I go for a pee break mid-fight, no one dares flag me for AFK.

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