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Thread: Crymoor's PvP Assassin Guide

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    Default Crymoor's PvP Assassin Guide

    I am writing this simply because after having played on multiple different battle groups with a collection of, who I believe to be the best players in this game, (both Guardians and Defiants) it has come to my attention that many of the rogues in this game just arenít playing to the best of their ability. Iím not calling any of these rogues out as being bad, just offering some strategies that Iíve picked up along the way that I feel might be helpful to my fellow rogues. Iím sorry if this guide doesnít have anything useful to you, I kinda just play. Giving advice is easier when you watch me play rather than reading what I can remember to say.

    The first thing I would like to point out is that I am not an expert on any given spec. I have played virtually every spec there is, but that doesnít mean Iím good at all of them. Most of the information in this ďguideĒ of sorts will apply to Assassins, as I have the most play time (itís either 30 or 60 days, I donít remember, but far too much) invested into various 51 sin builds. Here is a list of my favorite sin specs:


    There are multiple other ones, but just to save space Iíve only listed a few.

    The Basics

    Now the first thing you have to understand when playing 51sin is that your subsouls play a much larger role in taking down your target(s) than most think. For this reason, 15inf/0rng is my favorite. It has the damage and [Cleanse Soul] for taking out multiple opponents and living to tell about it. Because itís the most versatile, and the most fun (in my opinion) 15inf is the one spec I always keep handy. Now just because this is the most well rounded 51sin spec it doesnít mean that you can rely on it to take down every player, 100% of the time. Although, Iíve yet to come across a player that I couldnít eventually beat with it.

    Now, specs with Riftstalker as a subsoul are my go to for taking down other rogues. Specs with Bladedancer as a subsoul are great for when you can count on getting the jump on your target, and when theyíre a squishy or one of those pesky warriors as well as rogues. Now, these tips donít always apply, most of the specs listed get the job done on everything but geared, heal specced clerics. If you know youíre just an average player, I recommend learning how the different subsouls help you against various classes. It all depends on your level and style of play. Iím not going to talk about poisons, pick ones you like for each situation. They donít break stealth. Donít be afraid to switch poisons mid-fight. Also donít be afraid to slow a melee enemy and kite away with your 0 ranger or 15 MM soul. Blah blah donít forget to blind when you have adds, blah blah, your blinds can second as an interrupt, blah blah blah. Sorry.

    The most important thing a good assassin must have is situation awareness. You have to know whatís going on around you, where your enemies are, where your friends are, and what the chances of a zerg showing up to crash your party are (recon pots help a lot with this). I suggest scanning the area before you open, and while fighting, because dying sucks and I donít like to do it.

    Now, Iíll try to be humble and say that I have been recognized for playing sin. Others have come to me for help, and while I can help some of them, I canít help everyone because often they donít know what theyíre struggling with. Iíll try to cover everything that I feel is a problem for some newer sins.


    Gear is VERY important as a sin. Mainly due to our lack of a poison that applies a heal debuff, and this requires us to spend a gcd when fighting a healer, gcd which could be used for much needed damage. Gear is also important because rogues received a recent buff which makes AP much more useful for a sin, crit has always been our bread and butter. AP now has increased contribution to our poisons, backstab, and now other abilities scale with it. Crit is important because, well, it makes sh*t hurt more. Often the outcome of a fight could be changed by a 1k serpent strike, or a 2k serpent strike. I also run with ~126 hit because it really helps against those rogues that like to spec into sidesteps and nightblade, those warriors that think theyíre good because they have a shield, and those justicars that are just a pita and my toughest fight as a sin. If 1v1 is your focus you can afford to lose more valor to get the damage you need, most non-healing targets will drop fairly quickly and wonít be able to react. I run with 1000 valor because 1v1 is not enjoyable to me anymore, I prefer odds a bit more ďunfairĒ. Often what I find is that most PvPerís neglect hit, so this is a good place to start. It really does make a huge difference. Keep two sets of gear for attacking low damage targets, and high damage targets if at all possible. Also keep a few trinkets for different targets. If youíre trying to bring down a healer, a trinket with a damage absorb active and endurance isnít going to do much to help. However some extra AP/Vengeance and an extra self-applying dot will.

    *PvP essences are not good just because they have valor, the new essences offer far more reward than the blue PvP essences, and I still choose to use all 3 of the epic valor essences.

    Stealth and Openers

    Misuse of stealth is another common problem. I mentioned earlier how key positioning was, at least I think I did, and yet some rogues fail to understand that stealth doesnít make you immortal. Just because youíre in stealth does not mean you can ride your enemyís *** and expect not to get popped out. It doesnít mean you can sit idly in a battle at codex while you select your ideal target. Hidden Veil will help, but it doesnít help idiocy. AoE is everywhere on the battlefield, donít move in until youíve scoped everything out and know exactly what your plan for attack is. Also, opening from stealth is often done wrong as well. If youíre attacking a high ranked healer, pop poison malice, wait for your energy to fill back up, and instantly move in for expose weakness>jagged strike combo. You have got to be fast with this. You can make the two into a macro, but I donít enjoy using macros. Remember to watch your energy bar, it cannot run out before your target dies. Applying expose weakness during a fight is not always worth it either. Paralyzing Strike, donít do it. With anyone more than 5k HP youíre wasting your time. Itís simply ineffective when some of your best damage comes from your other two openers. Assassinate is best for finishing off a low HP opponent or someone without a lot of valor. Otherwise, Jagged Strike is better. I promise Iím not misleading you, if the fight is going to last more than 5sec Jagged Strike is better than Assassinate.


    Pots are good. Dexterity and Endurance are good. Cupcakes (Or those new AP cakes from Ember Isle) are good. However many people donít use consumables such as Soul Remnant and Tempest Mirrorís. I LOVE them. Free 1k damage off the gcd? Yum. Free stun off the gcd? Delicious. The mirror can provide you the CC you need to ensure your target doesnít get away right after the opener and also keeps you from messing up your burst rotation (because itís off the gcd) which I will discuss later. Soul Remnant is almost necessary to take down a well-played healer. Sucks but itís true. Itís always better to be over prepared for every situation you may find yourself in.

    Slip Away

    I could go on for days about Slip Away. Iíll try to keep it short and simple. Itís not just a defensive tool to save your ***, although itís nice to have it if the need arises. It is also an offensive tool to get another hard hitting opener or reapply your bleeds. You used to be able to apply your bleeds, Slip Away, and keep them in combat with Expose Weakness while they died. You can no longer do that. Thatís where kiting comes in handy, and where your stun becomes necessary to time perfectly right in certain cases. I hate Nightblades. Seems like just about every rogue feels it necessary to run around with 4 defensive immunes/drs/sidesteps. Slip Away is great for baiting the baddies who blow all their defensive cds at once. Simply bait, slip away, laugh, wait it out, and kill the now squishy rogue. When fighting healers itís needed for the second opener (usually assassinate) needed to burst them down. When fighting s/b warriors packing a full heal itís good to have it so you can apply your bleeds, get them down to 20%, foul play, slip away, and finish them off before they have time to react. This is where Iíll stop. But use of slip away plays a large part in deciding the good players from the bad.

    Cleanse Soul

    This is situational. Use it before you need to sneak away from the zerg on low HP. Itíll help with those nasty dots. Donít forget that it renders the mages clones useless (those things hurt like hell otherwise). Iím getting tired of typing so Iíll cut this short as well.

    Timing Your Bleeds

    Do it. Itís necessary. You wonít be good without it. Sorry, but Iím being honest. Everything hitting in or close to the same timestamp is ideal. Hardly anyone backloads their damage as sin, and itís very frustrating to watch all these people not playing to the best of their ability. I am no longer playing Rift, so I see no point in keeping this rotation to myself. Keep in mind I only use this for heal specced clerics and the occasional chloro:

    (Whispering Silence)>Poison Malice>Expose Weakness>Jagged Strike>Puncture>Impale>Savage Strike>Savage Strike>Foul Play>Anathema>Slip Away>Assassinate>Serpent Strike>Final Blow>Soul Remnant>Backstab>Dead Healer.

    *If I donít use Whispering Silence(is that the name?) then I use the Cold Heart trinket from DH.

    Well, thereís some damn nice burst damage right there. Always makes me feel great when I pull it off. Itís quite difficult against a competent cleric, though. Hope I helped as much as I could.

    I probably didnít say most of what I intended to say when I thought about writing this, and Iím sorry I donít have video footage, but these are just a few things I picked up during my time in RIFT. I am no longer playing so a big thanks to everyone who helped me improve. The hundreds (maybe thousands? I had issues.) of hours I spent dueling and trying out different things were well worth it. I hope to see some of you in another game!

    Flame on. If you get really super mad maybe itíll make it to my sig.
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