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Thread: Can others see minimap pings?

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    Default Can others see minimap pings?

    I've honestly never ever seen my mini map light up in response to another player pinging their map (left clicking a spot on the mini map, right clicking instead sets an x mark waypoint at the spot) in a warfront. It lights up with expanding circles and an audio for me if I do it, though. Do others see it? If so, do both factions see it?

    In conjunction with chat, it seems like an excellent way for people to temporarily call attention to a spot on the map without setting a waypoint (maybe where the opposing faction is bunching up for a zerg attempt), showing a path to take or being taken for some goal purpose, or for healers to call attention to their location so others know they need help. Etc. At least if the other faction can't see it too, that is.
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    Yeah. We can see them.

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