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Thread: PvP Improvements./Game improvements

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    Default PvP Improvements./Game improvements

    This is my first thread I have ever created and must ask all of you to please be respectful, and none of that PvE is better than PvP or PvP is better than PvE ********. This is in the best interests of a dying game. I am going to suggest some improvements that can be made to help the game, most of these regard pvp some may not. Remember these are merely SUGGESTIONS not "Trion! QQ DO THIS OR I QUIT".

    Competitive PvP
    Ok so first things first I believe as a dedicated PvP'er that we need some form of rated PvP, for instance an arena would be a good start, or maybe some rated warfronts? I believe they should reward pvp gear that is equivalent of the current raid relics, however some of you may disagree that making the best even better is a bad idea. I understand, so instead of rated pvp gear as a reward how about you give crafters recipes of rank 8 gear, so they can make it and augment the gear to give increased stats as a reward. Also fluff items and costumes, mounts, pets, etc. Also if you happen to do make arenas i suggest making them 2v2 3v3 and 5v5, because anything more is like a warfront. Remember this is RATED not a grind.
    RvR zone
    Well I believe the pvp community was promised a RvR zone a long time ago, but its not too late to give on broken promises. An objective based open world pvp zone would be a GREAT addition to pvp in this game, not only will people want to play more. But people who haven't played in a while may come back! Having trouble where to put one? Well on the map where port of scion is there is a blank space, you could have a battle there every few hours and have them fight over the city. Not the port of scion warfront but a whole city, and have benefits for the winning side like increased favor and prestige gains in Telara. But what if the server is defiant heavy or guardian heavy? Well you could give a stacking buff to spell power and attack power and endurance (but not too much, dont want to make them immortal killing machines) which is mulitplied by x amount of the player difference in the zone. You could give rewards there like new essences or synergy crystals.

    Hit in PvP?
    Why does Hit a PvE stat affect PvP? Currently a PvE'er who gets rank 8 has an advantage over a PvP'er who only pvps because of Hit on weapons. As a rogue Hit makes a difference for those pesky justicar clerics with Devout Deflection and warriors in general. Trion you should remove this stat from PvP entirely and give PvP'ers a stat that increases the chance to hit a player target by x amount. Because some form of hit is needed in pvp.
    PvE in PvP
    So Trion you know those lovely relic Hammerknell pieces you give to raiders? Yea well there is a slight problem with certain PvP'ers using 4 pieces of Relic HK gear and a synergy crystal to be well.. The hardest hitting MO'FO around while still being hard to kill, suggestion! Maybe you should do what you did to PvP synergy crystals in PvE and cut their effectiveness in half. Ohhh and while on the subject with the pvp synergy crystal nerf a while ago we actually lost Spell power and Attack power overall.

    PvP Queue time solution
    So as a guardian I get almost instantaneous warfronts and I know exactly why, there are more defiants who queue than guardians, resulting in slow queue times for the over populated defiants and quick queue times for the underpopulated guardians (just a reminder this is battlegroup population not server). So if there is a bunch of defiants who are waiting on queues why not let them fight each other? This would make warfronts have a lot less waiting and a lot more pew pewing. So introducing a system which allows factions to fight each other and the opposite faction would REALLY help queue times.

    PvP weapons
    We need Valor on pvp weapons because the hammerknell relic weapons are BiS, this would compensate for that by adding valor like 200 for 2handed and 100 for totem shield and one handed.

    Game Improvements
    Server Population
    Trion needs to start shutting down servers and moving people to more populated shards, give them an option to pick PvE shard or PvP shard and give them a SMALL list of shards like 3 shards per list(of course when they get to high population you put in other shards). We all want to have more people on our servers, that improves game quality overall. Also shut down free shard transfers! I mean who needs to transfer shards when your shard is already populated (and if you hate it that much then throw down some money, at this point Trion needs it).

    New Souls
    I think its about time we learned from our mistakes and improve the game by giving some classes what they need. We all know the relative lack in diversity of healers, not to mention the lack of them in PvP. So why not use what we know about the game to improve it.
    Clerics-Well we all know all their souls in PvP are pretty squishy until they pair it with Justicar, so why not give them a new Dps soul or even a support soul which boosts damage and survivability (with the exception of certain souls like the glass cannon of 51 inquisitor no more damage for that one) If anyone has any great soul ideas PLEASE post them, it gives trion ideas, hopefully good ones.
    Rogues-Well rogues are better than they were but they're still lacking something. Maybe a new tank soul? or perhaps a healing soul? or another melee dps soul? Again post some ideas if u have them!
    Warriors-Now im sure every warrior out there would like to be more useful than being a riftblade and hitting 1 on his/her keyboard. (How does a warrior get a critical hit? He presses 1 REALLY hard.) So why not give them a new soul say a healing soul? If it were a healing soul I think it should get a global cooldown reduction and should have really quick cast time heals (because we all know purifier gets S#@t on if you sit there and cast.) so it makes it viable to actually cast instead of relying on warden sentinel clerics all the time(it would give the clerics a great reason to go dps now too! instead of the usual "no point in healing" in pvp). But you could also give warriors a support soul or even a new dps soul that isn't broken! Again post soul ideas below!
    Mages-Now I hear mages complain about chloromancer so why not give them a new healing soul that doesnt require you to do damage! Or what about a melee mage with strong defensive buffs(so they dont go splat on warriors shields).
    PvE Gladiator
    Now bear with me here all you instant haters. Ive heard that raids for some guilds are too easy and this could be a new feature which is an Arena type activity in which you would enter with a raid and fight mobs and bosses which you could choose the difficulty, not only could this provide challenges for raiders who are waiting for the next 20 man or 10 man raid but it could also help guilds develop strategies and teamwork. These "arenas" should provide the appropriate gear and platinum rewards for difficulty level, there should always be a difficulty that a guild or raid cannot beat(so they dont run out of challenges) and always one that they can beat. Also from this you can get PvE only titles and mounts pets costumes that are not the same but are the opposite of the Rated PvP rewards(its only fair).

    I do not take credit for all ideas in this post and again this may or may not include pvp pve or rift ideas or subjects. Well im sure I didn't cover everything, but I would like to remind you all these are merely SUGGESTIONS not a written demand for Trion to do or else they wont get my money thread. To all the haters who I know are gonna post saying stuff like no rated pvp=WoW, well guess what that means rated pvp also =GW clone, and to all the people who say stuff like PvE is the only significant population in this game.. well yea cuz all the pvp'ers left. So lets work to get them back and even more people. Again to all the haters \_/ <----see this? This is my care cup, notice how its empty. Now lets keep this thread QQ free and just put up ideas so trion can see it and maybe use them. I apologize for any grammatical errors or anything of the sort. Thus ends the legendary wall of text.

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    1v1 arena may be good ,and some new soul are welcome

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