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Thread: WTB Faction Change/Which server is even odds?

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    Default WTB Faction Change/Which server is even odds?

    Guardians play like craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap in my bracket. It's all DERP into the aoe and wipe in 10s. The only thing we win with any consistancy is library because it's harder to derp there. We also average 0-2 healers all day long. Including in scion. Then we'll get 4 healers during prime time, and no one will do any damage. FML

    I don't want a server where guardians always win. I just want to play with people who aren't dumb as a bag of hammers. And queue times that aren't so long that I need a new artifact/consumable by the time the next one opens.

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    Come to Faeblight, it'd be great to have you here. We don't do horrible all the time. Only in prime time.
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