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Thread: Should Saboteur charges/Stormcaller debuffs be uncleansable?

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    Default Should Saboteur charges/Stormcaller debuffs be uncleansable?

    I just want a general opinion on this. Saboteur and Stormcaller both rely on build up and ''finisher'' mechanics. I feel it's a bit unfair when I can completely nullify anything the classes can do by just spamming deny and nature's cleansing with ChloroDom (or curative waters + single cleanse for Clerics works too)

    I'm a Mage, I think Sab charges should be uncleansable. It's a joke how if I'm in a cleanse spec I can treat them as a non-issue on the field. I believe they used to be uncleansable, and sabs were frequently found in warfronts pre rogue-buffs. But with the rogue buffs it got changed to cleansable (for balance reasons I guess) but it killed the soul for pvp viability.

    I think Stormcaller electrified+ ice shear got changed from uncleansable to cleansable when Lightning burst was released (correct me if I'm wrong please). I think this was a good change for balancing, but I'm not so sure about Stormcallers anymore really. The build up damage is decent and the ''finishers'' can burst much harder. Would SC be OP if it were uncleansable again? Would the recent damage nerfs justify it or not? I think making all electrified uncleansable would be too far, but perhaps make it so just one stack can remain on the target uncleansable.

    Care to post your opinions, on both charges and electrified being cleansable?

    Note: I'm not raging for buffs/nerfs to rogue/mage, I'm examining the somewhat mirrored soul mechanics from a cleanser's perspective
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    I don't think they should be uncleansable. There should be some counter to the effect they are putting on you. On the other hand, the 2 specs you mentioned rely entirely too much on those debuffs.

    My suggestion would be to up the "base" damage both specs deal (Sab doesn't have base damage on their debuffs, but the charge could explode when cleansed or something) and lessen the bonuses they get from the debuffs, so that overall the damage is roughly equivalent.

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    sab yes, stormcaller no

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    Sab should be uncleansable, because stormcallers have around 3-4x the damage output of a Sab.

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