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Thread: Very Awsome PVP Advice

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    Default Very Awsome PVP Advice

    This made me laugh, so I thought I would share
    Check out the dialog between Player Blue & Player Red.
    Lets just assume Player Red is a lvl 47 guardian mage alt in a Whitefall Steps WF.
    Lets just assume Player Blue will be making many posts in this forum 10 minutes after hitting level 50.
    All player chat is color coordianted, one color per player.
    I added commentary to help put the conversation into perspective of the wf.

    Chat Dialog:

    Scoreboard Final:

    Sorry image quality on freeimagehosting leaves a bit to be desired, hopefully it is readable.
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    Cool story?
    "You lost me at Balance"

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    typical warfront scenario imo

    there's always a know-it-all noob aka backseat driver aka armchair general in every warfront

    i've had some that were so terrible it made me laugh and they INSIST that whatever spec you're using is crap and their spec is the best...

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    He's right you know, pyro specs are only for PVE. Spread the word.

    before it's too late

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    Yeah I don't really see stuff like this in wf's anymore. Mostly just people that like to go off into their own little world rather than complete objectives. As it stands there is little to no group play on the guard side. Sad part is that people still wonder why we lose all the time.
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