I am sure you are all very aware of all the complaining in these forums about how bad pvp is or what they "THINK" will fix it. I want to say THANK YOU for designing the game to begin with. Sure, I think the game needs some improvements here and there BUT I am NOT a game designer. You have done beautifully. I know (and everyone else does too) that you can't just snap your fingers and "their" problems be fixed.

For the love of God, Trion has done a very good job with this game. THANK YOU AGAIN.

I am r2 in pvp (I don't do it much). Do I get owned? Most of the time, yes, I do. I do not like the mismatched ranked matches but hey, you win some, you lose some. Am I going to cry and complain until something is done? Only to my guildies and friends.

Please give Trion a frick'n break. If you don't like the game then go back to World of Warcrap or Everquest or Hello Kitty Island . Those of us who DO enjoy the game really don't want to hear the whining and crying .

That being said, ROCK ON!!!!