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Thread: Do Guardians win warfronts on any battle group>?

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    Default Do Guardians win warfronts on any battle group>?

    As the question above? Do they honestly win say 50% or better on any battlegroup? Just any - anywhere.

    And none of this BS "we win all the time."

    I have spoken to several people and we all kept records at some point on our battlegroup and all our records came to this -

    Defs won - 782
    Guardians won - 79

    That is about 10% of the time and after further questioning I found out those wins normally involved a Guardian premade or guild group.

    That is an absolutely sad state of affairs and the developers should be doing something about it. I don't even want to hear the "your players suck", "they can not hotfix lack of skills", ect because quite frankly that is a complete load of nonsense. When you see an imbalance like this across servers in every single faction based game it is obvious that something has to be done because this is exactly what killed Warhammer Online, to some extent Lineage II and countless other games.

    People will not pay a sub to get destroyed night after night no matter how much better than are the other team. They also will not pay for a sub when no warfronts queues come up, which is exactly where this is going already. The defiants are complaining about long queue times and I see plenty of Guardians asking are we winning any today? When the answer is, and it always is "no" they say screw it I am doing random raids/dungeons

    You could say well the game will survive on PvE and maybe it will but is that right?
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    Default Try Seastone

    I'm a Defiant on Seastone and there have been plenty of times I've gone an entire night of 12-15 WFs without a win. I queue solo and there is a strong group of Seastone Guardians PvPers. I'm not complaining...just answering your question.

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    im on galena. we win about 60-70 % of the time (same BG as seastone) but when seastone premades roll in.w e got STOMPPED. >.>
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    PUG wise if you're looking for Guardian wins, Seastone cluster is the way to go.
    Premade wise the Defiants are lacking as well.
    TFS has tried multiple times to set up any type of 5v5 with defiant Guilds, only to be put off.
    Overall, Seastone cluster is the way to go, though we do experience the occasional loss streak (not often though)

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    id say briarcliff is 50/50 or slightly in guardian favor. I barely won any Scions on Friday night then won almost all on Saturday and about 50/50 on Sunday.

    during the week i really only queue whitefall, codex, and library and it's prolly 50/50 when pugging, more like 95% if duo queuing w/ medusa.
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    Varries by hour & by day.....though seems to run in streaks for the most part.
    Win for 2 hours straight or lose for 2 hours straight.

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