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Thread: WTB Flag Reset in Whitefall

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    Default WTB Flag Reset in Whitefall

    Seriously. Can't we get a reset in Whitefall after both teams have held the flag for ~5 minutes? In the 2 battlegroups I play on, every...single...match is a turtlefest. Every single game goes to full duration unless there's a premade on one side or the other.

    It's not fun for either side and for anyone still grinding prestige / favor it's a waste of time.


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    i have every pvp achivment possible (barring r8 at this point) but the ones in whitefall. ebcuas ei cannot do this wf. the map design is flawed.


    my suggestions

    Every 2 minutes add a 25% buff to all raid members (and a 50% healing reduction on carrier) increasing their dmg
    at 4 minutes held. flag carrier(s) recive 75% less healing and slowed 50%
    5 minutes. Fang starts a DOT doing 1k dmg every 2.5 secounds.

    Hold the fang in a turtle through that i dare
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    My idea of a fix for this:

    - If both carriers are holding the opposing teams flag:
    • Further apart that each other are, the more damage that they take over time (think rune vessels/fang damage over time).
    • Closer that they (the carriers) are to each other, both factions would get a damage buff (Think old school port scion with the amount of stones turned in).
    - If only one team is holding the flag for a prolongated amount of time:
    • Longer it's held to farm the other faction, the lesser damage their team does to the other faction.
    • Faction being possibly farmed would remain with the same damage and healing output.

    Whitefall is a map for teamwork; no teamwork = no win.
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