Haven't played my Warrior in ages. Jumped back on him and started messing around with new builds. Both based off of 44 Paragon backe dup with 22 points in Tanks Souls for a 'beffeir' surviable hybrid. Was having problem with 8's link but it should be working now.

Eipisode 7 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dr84_zPQuO0

44 Paragon/22 Reaver/0 Vindicator - Uncut Match to show the full fight. Solo queue. No pocket heals and no consumables. (except a ****ty hp pot i happened to find in my bags when I was scrambling!)

Episode 8 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JG7JxjMUdtQ

44 Paragon/11 Paladin/11 Reaver - This may be my favorite vid yet. In any case was best night of PVP I've had. 2 Unstoppable Runs then a full uncut match. Duo Quuee with the allmighty Pikkel! (cleric) dual wrath stones, performance insoles, bloodthirsty ran. Played a good 3 hours and say 100% honest lost ZERO games while more impressively having ZERO deaths between the two of us. We win alot in passed but to do it with no deaths is amazing. Pikkel is pro, and we make a good team.