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Thread: No Incentive to Win Warfronts

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    Default No Incentive to Win Warfronts

    Winning a Warfront when your team has control/dps/heal advantage is actually counter productive if you can farm the other team. This is most noticeable in the Library and Port Scion. The bonus for winning is negligible if you can secure 1.5-2x+ the kills from the other team.

    This seams counter productive.... It would make more sense to boost the bonus for winning to make the objectives more desirable.
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    Support this thread, so the winners in warfronts get plat.
    Easy incentive.

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    I sure found myself wanting to win when I was trying to get faction up most recently Heck I was even going all out trying to hold library vessels just to get another 100 points for +30 faction even if we were losing. I'm pretty sure there is just less incentive for rank/gear capped players. I'll agree I don't 'care' as much if I lose when I don't need the wins for anything more than my leisure time. But I know when I was leveling up I sure cared about winning. I try to keep that mentality in mind though when I play since many team mates are always in the same position.

    On a side note, I think a minor plat reward wouldn't be bad for winning. It has to be something small though, plat is already too abundant with little to buy of importance in the grand scheme. I already hit the point to where I paid 50p+ for things like bank bag slots and wardrobe macros. Easily in excess mode and I pretty much do just focus on pvp playing all day. No dungeons and no raids. Though admittedly I do chronicles time to time for plat. But only cause they are so fast (probably faster than some port scions ). Last time I finished both before Floyd's Echoes ended
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