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Thread: Mm > nb/rs

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    Default Mm > nb/rs

    So today were gonna talk about NB/RS(lololololololol) The spec built for the trash players of the game(sorry to tell you). Basically here's a pretty much every day game since this spec built for kids with down syndrome was released.

    NB/RS "oh **** its Thrash gonna get em this time" >.>
    Thrash - *just chillin*
    NB/RS - opens up with dusk to dawn to get finisher boost.
    Thrash - Erradicate, Erradicate, Erradicate(sooo many buffs >.>)
    NB/RS - Uses scourge of darkness
    Thrash - Erradicates Scourge of darkness.(lolololololol)
    NB/RS - uses countless amounts of teleports to try and catch me.
    Thrash - uses retreat, on the double, rapid reload(rare occasions to get my on the double and retreat back if I'm paranoid). While shooting of course.
    NB/RS- finally out of CDs
    Thrash - finally after having to kite from statue to scope(lol), watching countless CDs(having to Erradicate all these), seeing too many teleports, is finally either 1. Ready to be killed or 2. Realizes its impossible to kill me and just tries to run away(never gets away >.>)
    NB/RS - respawns, either 1. Will get angry and try again. 2. Tell me I'm a ***** for running(kiting) away in the most squishy rogue spec >.>. 3. Screams "run forest run"(true story).

    Let's answer another question. If that spec is sooooo OP why don't I run it?
    1. Me running NB/RS would cause you to quit the game
    2. It would be against my gaming beliefs in skill/competitive gaming
    3. Running an OP spec is just boring as hell >.> and you don't get better.
    4. It's fun slapping them in MM since its squishy as hell and personally when I ran NB/RS for kicks and giggles I could fart on an MM and kill it.
    5. 51sin/15inf is my melee spec for life.

    Ok so here's pretty much my thoughts of R8 rogues running this spec.
    1. 99 percent of you suck(sorry but it's your spec not skill.....)
    2. Your spec > your gear >>>>>>>>>your skill
    3. L2P a legit pvp spec

    Yes I am that cocky guy and yes I'm that guy you focus on trying to kill because you're offended and you refuse to admit someones better than you.
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    Double thread free post.
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    double clicking the post button instead of on the double... bad move pal, keybinds are your friend

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