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Thread: Rank 9 and 10 please

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    Default Rank 9 and 10 please

    Message to Trion: Can you please increase the prestige ranks to 10 so I don't go play SWTOR.

    No asking for opinions. Just giving you my vote.
    Rogue: 0/0 HK or any other PVE content. Over 120+ days /played in PVP content exclusively as an Assassin. (yes, 2800 hours)
    Yes, I know MM and NB rule. No, I don't want to switch to a MM. Yes, I know they are the best. No, again, I'd rather improve Assassins.

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    Default yep

    /agree 100%

    In fact, I just posted something to this effect- I'd like to see other pvp incentives improved as well.

    Hopefully they listen to us! I'm going out this weekend to buy a new, unnamed game.

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