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Thread: Identifying Enemy classes in PvP

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    Default Identifying Enemy classes in PvP

    How do you do it? And is there any possible way to inspect someone's soultree to see how they specced? And before the confusion, I do see the one of the four class names over a character when I scroll over them, it's just he/she could be 1 of like 8 different kinds of of that class.

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    You have to learn the different souls' buffs. And also watch what abilities they use.

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    identifying classes is easy, identifying souls is slightly harder. identifying exact builds is near impossible.

    when in doubt, beat on something with a blue mana bar.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ocho View Post
    Or to put it more simply, it doesn't matter if you're topping the charts if you're killing the wrong people.

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    Look at their buffs.

    Look at what they cast.

    Here are some tips:

    Rogues: MM are obvious
    Assassins you will not identify until they take off 60% of your hp in an opener
    NB/RS will taunt you because 1v1 they are damn near impossible unless you are a mage.
    Anything else is fodder. If they have a pet, kill them, they are not any good.

    Mages: When you are respawning after getting gibbed check to see if it was a fireball or a lightning bolt
    If it was anything else, just ignore them because they will tank you anyway.

    Clerics: They should be healing. If its any other spec, focus them so it forces them to do what they
    should be doing.

    Warriors: 99.9 of them are 29 riftblade xxx xxx. If they outgear you, they will find you. If you are
    on par with their gear we will avoid you. Seek us out and make us feel bad about this broken
    in a bad way class.

    Hope this helps.
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    yellow = warrior
    pink = rogue
    blue = mage or cleric.. you can usually tell by staff vs. hammer, or mage with sword + book.

    part of pvp is knowing what the other class can do. there is no shortcut to identifying souls beyond learning their capabilities. look at their buff bar, and examine your combat log.
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    It takes a while, and a combination of everything people mention above, as well as first-hand experience fighting each class, to really identify.

    Firstly: the colors on the scoreboard. You'll see a lot of Yellow (Rogue) and Purple (Mage). Green is Cleric and Red is Warrior (you won't see these, they are a myth, except for Kronos).

    Buffs- their buffs can tell you a bit about their possible soul combo, but it's what they're casting or doing that will tell you their "main" spec. How they approach or attack you is another. For instance, you may see a cleric hanging out in the back avoiding notice, or they may get toe to toe with you. That tells you a lot about their probable build. You may see two mages near each other and based on what they're casting you can see if one's the healer and one's carrying the rocket launcher.

    Over time you will recognise names in Warfronts and will also know what specs they like to run.
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    Default It's really not easy....

    Coming from WoW, it's going to take a while to get used to.

    It's really not very intuitive and you can't just alt+tab while you're waiting for a respawn and look them up on an armory and know exactly what gear/class/spec they have.

    It actually takes a LOT of class/spec understanding to see the nuances of identifying exactly what each player is. Sometimes you can tell by armor looks, but the fact that costume pieces are visible in warfronts means you can rarely count on armor.

    The best ways were already mentioned... watching cast animations, seeing what ability someone's doing, where on the battlefield they're positioning for, etc.

    Hit the ~ key a lot. That will bring up the scoreboard and you can see the class color of the player you want to know about (mentioned in the post above this one.) That will narrow it down but still leaves several combinations of souls to choose from.

    This game more than almost all others forces you to pay attention and actually LEARN what classes do, what it looks like when they do it, and almost see it coming before it happens. It's a lot of trial and error and asking "What was that!?" or checking your combat log.

    By the time you get to Rank 8, you'll see what I'm talking about. Until then, baby steps... look for targets that look like they're trying to stay away from you and stay away from targets that are coming straight for you.

    Good luck!
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    As others habe said, the best way is unfortunately to learn to read their buffs.

    See a person with about ninety bajillion buffs and a blue bar? Probably a -icar tanky cleric. See a blue Mage bar with a green buff? Probably a chloro. See a man turn into a ghost? Oh my god focus that Dom down darn it! See a man rocking out in the middle of the battlefield? Lol bard. Etc etc.
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    Rogue and warrior are easy by the yellow/pink, Mage and cleric are a bit harder but you can generally tell a cleric from a mage quickly by the amount of buffs they have, clerics generally have a lot more than mages. Beyond that just watch their buffs and slowly you'll learn them.
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    If you set your UI to show the skills you are being hit with, you can get a good idea of what build is being used, both for your enemy and ally.

    If you notice a skill gives you a shock, remember the name, look it up, and you can usually find the builds that would utilize such skills. With that, you can plan for the next time you encounter such a build.

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