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Thread: Open World PVP Idea Using PVP Rifts and Sourcewells!

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    Default Open World PVP Idea Using PVP Rifts and Sourcewells!

    Alot of people seem to want Open World PVP, Trion has said they aren't working on a zone for it. So rather than keep posting the same thing about how we want such a zone, that even if they started now would probably be 3-4 months away, I decided to look at existing mechanics and see what compelling world pvp we could create using what we have.

    So we have these Sourcewells right? 13 to be exact. Well my proposal is thus. Use the existing Sourcewell system but if you are pvp flagged and you claim a turret, arch or lifespring it tags it as belonging to your faction and the other side can attack it. Claiming all of the pieces of a sourcewell will tag the entire sourcewell as belonging to your faction and broadcast a message that Defiants/Guardians have claimed Nykantor Ruins Sourcewell for example. They needn't be max upgraded but each piece must be tagged to your faction. Aside from having Onslaught and pvp to deal with. When one faction has claimed 7 of the 13 Sourcewells a Sourcewell Rift will open.

    Sourcewell Rifts scale based on the force that claimed the most recent sourcewell as much is as possible. For example if 20 people claim Nykantor Ruins as the 7th for Guardian a Guardian Sourcewell Rift will open. And since it is 20 people this would be a "Sourcewell Invaders Rift" These are 6 stage Rifts and the Rift can be closed at any time by the opposing faction by killing the sourcewell stone in the middle of the rift. Every 3 stages a chest will drop with 1 piece of loot based on the level of the rift. In the case of the Invaders it would be on par with ROTP gear but would have NO HIT. No valor either, that part comes later. The final boss should be on par difficulty wise with a raid rift tier 2 boss but slightly tougher. This is on a 8 hour timer. So what happens if you do all that work do you have nothing to show for it? No. If a Invaders Rift can't be open a 10 man difficulty Sourcewell Raid Rift will open. This drops Raid Tier 1 gear. That is on a 4 hour timer. Next in line is the Sourcewell Expert Rift, that is for a 5 man and drops Expert Tier 2 (like Caduceus Expert) and has a 2 hour Spawn timer. Finally if all those are on a timer a Sourcewell Rift opens that is tuned or less than 5 people (but not soloable) that drops Expert Tier 1 blue gear. This has no spawn timer.

    So I mentioned valor. Well the gear from these has a synergy crystal for a valor synergy crystal. You get this crystal by collecting Valor Sourcewell Shards and turning them in at Ember Watch. It takes about 500 shards. And the amount of shards scales based on how many Sourcewell's your faction is holding at the time a Sourcewell Rift is closed. Its essentially works as you get 2 shards per sourcewell. So max 26. You can only collect a total of 30 per day (this is a daily quest you get at Ember Watch form the valor sourcewell shard merchant). So after that you don't get the sourcewell shard when you close a rift. And its important to note that you only get the shards from CLOSING THE RIFT but its based on who opened. Which means if Defiant open a rift and have swept all the sourcewells, the Guardians can muster a force and beat them back and close the rift and gain all 26 sourcewell shards for their side (per person that has the daily). The Valor Synergy Crystal gives you valor based on your prestige rank equal to what you would have in the armor set (4 pieces) of the usual pvp set. So if you were doing warfronts and have on 4 pieces of prestige rank 4 armor it would give you the equivalent amount of valor. The key here is to make it so the armor can be desirable but not somehing needed for pve and yet not make existing pvp gear obsolete. It also gives a chance for lower prestige rank players to get armor with the same valor but better stats so they have better survivability against higher ranked pvp players.

    The whole point here is to make people contest these to get the sourceshards and the gear but also to create a flashpoint for pvp at the sourcewells and these rift for pvp flagged players.

    Probably some holes in there, but I think the idea is pretty sound (been working on it for a couple weeks).

    But with both SWTOR and GW2 having some focus on open world pvp, Rift needs to really do something fairly quickly, and this could be a good answer that wouldn't require a huge cost investment in terms of new art assets and what not.

    Thoughts? Keep it civil please.
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