Hey Trion could you remove Classes for a whole month some time soon. I think PvP (hell even PvE) would be pretty dang fun if we could create a new character and get to pick from all the souls. I would like to try Reaver/warlock/nerco or like Cab/warlock/necro or riftblade/pyro/nightstalker etc. Doesn't have to be perma just once and if people like it then can be done for a set time every few months or so:

(this should not be applicable for existing 50s, people would have to roll a new character just to keep existing p8 from having a field-day. these new characters created should only be usable while the feature is active to prevent people for hitting 50 and gearing up on that character while this feature is inactive).

I think PvP would be a blast and probably would kill QQ for awhile since everyone would be overpowered in some way. If it people do enjoy it and it becomes implemented it doesn't even have to affect all servers, just make a new fun server people can roll on that allows this feature.

Rift is mostly PvE judging from the content and hotfixes released frequently and PvP(wf) is a circus with a new attraction(OP class) from patch to patch, so just test it out make a server( or instance) for PvPvE and give people the ability to create new characters or port theirs over(like PTS) and make it so they can still communicate with guildies/friends (maybe a special item like a linkshell that links server side guilds and friends on your friend list to a new channel. Kind of like the way dungeons and wf work where you can still talk in the channels and guild on your server) and queue for PvE related stuff on their main server so they just port back when they are needed.

Also I have another ridiculous idea, how about PvP dungeons both faction can queue into a randomly selected dungeon:

(of course there would need to be a new set of dungeons made that are spaced out like a mini zone and designed to have multiple starting points that all lead to Main boss/bosses area etc and added to the random queue list so you never know if your going to one till your ported in)

Both groups would start on completely opposite ends. Each would be group going about their run then BAM both groups come across each other:

(Once inside the dungeon a option could popup allowing a extra Group `sixth team member` slot labelled "Scout" allowing a extra player to port in and scout out the other team by giving them sneak/invisibility spells. The scouts could also maybe setup traps/ambushes `high cooldown` to annoy the other team while their respective team members head that way, of course nothing that would cause the other team to wipe just slow their progress example- aoe roots/snares with decent duration, Ambush skill causing non elites to spawn for a set amount of time and intercept the opposite team, Scout spawned mobs would de-spawn at first pvp contact `in-case the scout tries to rambo the team solo`or when the Scouts team reaches a certain distance `outside of max spell/skill range so mm or mage can get that cc, debuff,fanout etc off while other team is fighting the scout spawned mobs. This would not affect existing dungeon mobs a team could be fighting during their run).

Whichever party kills the other can get buff that increases XP or prestige/loot drop rate until they are killed by the other team and buff is transferred:

(players that die can port back into the action as long as a party member is still alive at that location and engaged in pvp `scout given skills like sneak/invis would be unusable once pvp contact is made and will be removed if currently active` so the scout cant just invis out of combat allowing group member to constantly port back to the fight but this would not affect soul based skills like assassin's sneak skill.

Once all players of a group are dead they must start back at their assigned entrance and catch back up the other team. Random trash and Elite Patrol mobs `the ones that roam around` will continuously respawn on previously cleared areas to slow the respawned team down giving the other team time to progress in the dungeon with the increased "xp/loot drop rate" buff)

While both groups are engaged in pvp an alert could be triggered causing the Dungeon AI to spawn mobs that will zerg the area:

(non-elites mostly with maybe one or two elites per alarm to keep everyone on their toes and give a challenge to back-line healers and damage dealers. Certain Alarm Spawned Mobs will not obey regular aggro tables unless taunted/pulled off. Meaning certain Dungeon Alarm Spawned Mobs will seek out Group Slotted Players/classes and have an appropriate class/role related debuff that can only will auto cancel once the mob is dead ie healer and ranged classes will be sought after and debuffed until taunted/pulled off or mob is killed. The other Dungeon Alarm Spawned Mobs will have a appropriate debuff for related to the Tank role and Melee classes. Only one Mob role/class related debuff can be active on a player at any giving time. Purges and Cleanse can be giving a extremely low percentage change of removing the debuff but it will not be guaranteed. Regular player given debuff can and will stack with mob given ones but purge/cleanses will affect them as usual. Also to help off-set the usual uselessness of tanks in PvP situation, while in the dungeon Taunts and Treat skills should affect players for the duration described or more. Meaning if a tank used a taunt or high treat skill ,single or AOE, on a player that selected player's, or players' if AOE, target/focus targets will become locked on the tank for what ever the duration is set it. These taunts and threat skills should always affect player and resistant to skill that could be used to cancel the effect like slipaway or teleporting.)

- On a side note this is still a Dungeon and that means normal dungeon bosses. trash mobs and patrol mobs are still standing/ roaming around. This will reduce all the running,jumping and kite'n people have become custom to in wf due to chances of aggroing Mini bosses etc and causing their respective team or both to be wiped. This should make for some fun semi -close quarters combat. Which should force team work( which will hopefully carry over to wfs) along with giving melee a fighting chance while simultaneously reducing the troll effect of range and teleport builds, though there should still be a little leg room for them run around in-

These dungeons could give increased prestige to rank up per player kill compared to wfs. Mini bosses could have a baseline medium to small percentage change to drop existing in game prestige pvp gear plus new high valor gear for lower prestige players, which will be increased by the buff of the leading party (the gear drop in these Dungeons can have a special bonus like being Bound to account so you can use it on any of your characters but normal level/prestige/class restriction would apply) So fresh and low rank 50's can stock on the gear without getting farmed in wf. -Side note: P8 or whatever top endgame gear is around at the time will still be the best, this is just allow another way to obtain it then just wf since queues are crazy as is, The high stat/valor non-presitage gear that could drop will help in reducing the insanely over-the-top damage from a player with best in slot gear can do even if just by a little and allow new/lower rank player to play whatever build they want instead of being forced to roll support of some kind because their damage is so low.

(I guess players 49 and lower could get PvP/Pve gear sets with + valor and other stats for their level as well as stockpile level 50 gear including both prestige/non-prestige high valor gear to off set the fresh 50 massacre we all know and love in wfs as they rank up)

Anyway just more of my wildly random and crazy adderall induced ideas. That is all, carry on.