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Thread: PvP idea: make getting all R7-8 gear unlock a new pvp queue.

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    Default PvP idea: make getting all R7-8 gear unlock a new pvp queue.

    To queue against others of same gear.

    You could utilize these queues to have some type of different PvP currency other than favor to begin farming for better PvP gear/essences etc.

    Just an idea, friendly feedback welcome.

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    Some kind of carrot for the R8s would definately be nice with the new queue system in place.

    Unfortunately with the amount of high ranked players that queue declining, I don't think the current sized WFs would be adequate for such competitions, so smaller WFs would be needed to keep queue times in reasonable places.

    As it is right now you get penilaized for being high ranked with half filled WFs that are almost over- thats at least how its been for me the last days at all times.

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    What we need is a warfront that only Rank 7-8's can join that isn't like the rest of the other warfronts. This warfront would generate 10 points for every kill for the entire team. When a team hits 1000 points the game is over. This would be a team deathmatch sort of warfront. This is what the Rank 7-8's want. A place to show their true power against other opponents of such caliber. This isn't about an objective other than the first team to 100 kills. This warfront will have no time limit.

    If they did this, I can guarantee all the Rank 1-6 will be happy, and all the Rank 7-8 will be happy. Premades will join this new warfront, and the best killers will have a true way to display their skill against opponents that won't die in 2-3 globals. Keep the accolades in this one as well.

    I would also like to suggest possibly taking a good look at titles. PvPers care about PvP titles. Perhaps, you could implement one with titles displayed for those that have 1 million favor, 2 million favor, 3 million favor, 4 million favor, 5 million favor, so on and so forth to about 10 million favor. I know you might think anyone can get those titles, but the fact is anyone who invests that much time in one character will put in the time to also get better at pvp. Someone who has 5 million favor right now wouldn't be an easy kill, and they'd definitely be Rank 8 fully geared.

    I would also like to mention in taking the time to put another title for those that have 100,000 lifetime kills which is Executioner, but to make more up to 1 million. A title for every 100,000 kills added.

    We all know you wouldn't add arenas to this, but this would be very easy to do. This would also be the arena we want. Do it and prosper.
    Lastly, make these titles UNIVERSAL on both defiant and guardian. This way it can be easily known what type of PvPer you are going up against. Then on the scoreboard make a section that allows to show one of these titles. That way before and during the match the players can see who might be the hardest to kill, and who might be the most dangerous on the field.

    If you do this TRION, I can guarantee you will have many pvpers probably coming back, as well as giving the endgame pvpers what they want. The honor, fame, and glory. We pvp to be known, and to be feared.

    Final note, to make sure this one keeps popping making it across ALL shards for cross queueing. This is what you need for this game. It took me awhile to think about it, but I'm positive it will work.
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