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Thread: Experiment 10-49

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bunzy View Post
    healing is way overpowered when combined with valor but because it doesn't kill you people have less of an issue with it.

    a healer or two can win you a warfront but when a pyro does a big shot on someone everyone is to busy complaining about them instead of seeing who the real villain is.

    why must one class be the only one who can really determine the outcome of the game?
    if the other team has healers and you don't your screwed.
    The more rogues you have the more a chance you will lose. 1 cleric = 2 rogues.

    Most Rogues know more about respawn more than Bard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bunzy View Post
    So recently i have been doing some research as to find what makes warfronts before 50 much more enjoyable then when you hit 50. Asides from the Rank there is one obvious class that ruins 50 for all.

    The healing cleric at 50 becomes a god beast that unless focused by a couple of people will never die. If you noticed before 50 if two players focused a cleric they will die (longer then most but pretty quick compared to post 50)

    Healing is way to strong after 50 it actually becomes ridiculous. The fact one class can determine who can wins a warfront in itself is really pathetic.

    Fix this issue.
    After coming back to the game and levelling a Mage to 50 about a month ago, I can safely say that this was not my experience in the slightest. First of all, Clerics who actually heal, instead of pretending to DPS, existed in MAYBE 10-20 of my 100+ Warfronts from 1-49. Add on to that an overabundance of FotM kidlets running their RS/NB and MM builds, neither of which have any semblance of balance pre-50, and you basically have a ****storm of awfully horrid gameplay.

    About the only thing that I missed from the 10-49 brackets was that myself and my two friends could easily carry a match, so long as we weren't up against an all-twink Guardian premade. I know, I didn't think they existed, either, but they do. Once you hit 50, however, it's very difficult to feel as if your presence in a WF makes any difference due to the prestige gear discrepancies. I have no doubt whatsoever that this'll resolve itself once I hit the higher prestiges.

    I remember back at release when P6 (highest prestige then) Wardens were, for all intents and purposes, unkillable. Healing debuffs were far less common then due to the Rogue class being all but useless, Valor wasn't normalized one iota, and there was no Eradicate, arguably the most powerful purge there is. Things were far worse back then than it is now.

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    Give every class an identical DPS class and then we are all equal.

    Ie all classes are changed to Crankasaur, a large lizard DPS ranged, teleporting paladin class on entry to warfronts


    seeing as it is a MMORPG, allow different classes different strengths and weaknesses..

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