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Thread: Question about pvp at 50

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zoam View Post
    Personally Ive quit PVP till they segregate the ranks. Well unless there's a guild quest, but even then, I just run around and leech kills.

    And before anyone says it, no, im not rank 1. Im a rank 6 who finds it not so fun to 1-3 shot rank 1s
    They're more or less separated now. You'll find yourself in matches with rank 7 & 8's.. or at least my rank 6 does.

    To the OP. I feel for you, but only because you're a healer. Your survivability is reduced even further with that number on your head and team mates whining for heals. Good luck, at least getting to rank 4 is fairly fast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sherise View Post
    I'm a cleric, warden/senti/puri atm.

    And no, I'm not a "new 50 that doesnt know why im getting killed easily".
    I know perfectly fine why I'm getting killed, because I am undergeared compared to the 7k hp rogues that crit me for 2k.
    Ok, what I found to be quite good was a inquisitor, justicar, warden build.
    Something a bit like THIS

    This gave me 2 knockbacks, 2 slows and lots of instant heals that hit large numbers of targets, vex up a few enemies as every little healing on you matters, build up convictions and Doctine of Light heal. Worst comes to worst, you can slow carriers and knockback people trying to cap, (Rocks at codex are especially fun for this) and purge debuffs (esp of mm rogues, they never seam to notice).

    Its a pain, but its got better with matched rank preference WFs.

    Try to use los, dont get flanked and cut off, and do not ever, ever expect any help, always learn to leave some one else fighting to cover your retreat, in pug warfront look after yourself, as no one else will.
    Quote Originally Posted by Omega326 View Post
    While we're making wild accusations without any backup, I'm going to go ahead and say that you are a 12 year old horse named Suzy that lives in a crater on the moon... and I am absolutely correct.

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    I've been trying the m.a.s.h build which also is based around instant casts and survivability.it works in one WF but the next one I need to be full healer. It all depends on the group you're paired with.

    So far I've been doing this.
    Queue up important spells on the higher ranked guys, making sure they stay alive (screw the low prestige ones, like myself.) and occasionally (terribad english) healing the lower tier guys if there's enough time.

    Healers i try to keep alive as much as possible ofc.

    I always try and have my back cleared (make use of V often) and try to stay either in the middle of a zergswarm or in the back.

    Never have my back turned towards the enemies since this negates any parry effect that would occour, doing the rabbit jump when retreating (jumping so i have my front vs the enemie whilst running away).

    popping defensive cooldowns whenever they're off CD since the CD really isn't that long anyhows.

    With all gear avaliable at rank 2 I can see my survivability has increased alot (still getting roflstomped by tier 6+ dudes but that's more or less expected) since now I don't go down to aoe spam from opposing team. (I acually have to be focused to die now lol).

    And I like my () so here's a few more for free ((((((((((((((((())))))))))))))))))

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